Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks

Recently I had the immense luck and pleasure to receive a wonderful package from Ciate London to my door, and I was overwhelmed with the goodies inside! I had no idea this surprise was turning up, which made it even more special to me.

Ciate London kindly sent me their range of Glitter Flip Lipsticks, in six beautiful shades; Undressed, Chaos, Whisper, Valentine, Trouble, and Surreal.

The packaging is ultra glam, with silver glitter top lips that sparkle in the light and have Ciate London’s signature girly style. I was so pleased when I tried out the lipsticks to see that the formula was absolutely perfect too. Each one applies softly and evenly with ease, setting to a matte finish without feeling dry or thick. In fact I was really happy that it didn’t feel like I was wearing much on my lips at all to be honest!

Then the best part. After you’ve let your lips dry for a moment or two, you press your lips together with a pop; and your lips are transformed into a dazzling full glitter look! It’s like magic! 

The glittery, shimmer look is beautifully done, without looking over the top or tacky. It’s such a chic and pretty style, that I’ve been happy wearing these throughout the day; though I’m sure the dazzling look is perfect for a night out too. These six new shades Ciate London has created are so beautiful, and I’ve spent the last few days alternating between them.

So far my absolute favourite is ‘Valentine’, a light muted pink shade. Though I’m also very fond of ‘Surreal’ too, which is a vibrant pinkish purple. Whether you’re looking for a natural, muted tone or something that really leaves an impression; it’s so worth trying this range!

I’m a self confessed glitter bug, but I do think the Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks will impress even the most shy and subdued of you! So do give them a try, and let me know what you think!



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