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Keeping Your Audience Interested In 2018

5th January 2018

Whatever reason you may blog or create online content for; it’s always nice to know people are out there reading/watching and paying attention in some way. I definitely don’t claim to be an expert, but after a few years blogging, a few awards behind me, and some harsh lessons learned; I feel like I can at least suggest some things to hopefully help keep your audience interested. I’ve been thinking about how things changed over 2017, and how they may change this year too. So I decided to share with you guys a quick list of tips, if you want to know what’s worked for me, and what I’m planning on concentrating on in 2018. I hope it helps!


Keeping Your Audience Interested In 2018


1. Insta stories

Instagram stories exploded in 2017, and it’s now a must have tool for keeping your audience hooked on you and your content. If you aren’t using it already, get on it! Whether you share photos throughout the day, get chatting to people about what you’re up to, or share your latest fashion finds; people love that on demand, quick, bitesize content. The more interesting and fun you can make things, the better. I’d recommend at least posting once or twice a day (which only takes a second!).


2. Get in front of the camera

As much as people may love your writing, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to connect with a creator if you see them. Getting in front of the camera means people will form more of a personal connection to you, and are more likely to take an interest when you have something to share. So get photos of yourself on your Insta grid maybe, get chatting on Insta stories, or set up a Youtube channel finally; it’ll be so worth it!


3. Life updates

People are nosey folk, and we love to see all the nooks and crannies of others’ lives behind the screen. So start sharing more life updates on your blog or Youtube, even if you think it’s boring! Try to make people laugh, share your loves/hates, and be open and honest with your audience about how life really is going. There’s no need to fake a Pinterest lifestyle, when people love seeing the real thing with all its flaws.


4. Offer something extra

It’s so common for bloggers to have something ‘extra’ going on these days, apart from just posting once or twice a week. For example; I regularly update my life behind the scenes on Instagram, I produce products on my Etsy shop, and often produce written content for online brands. I do try to put out a podcast every now and again too! Show your audience all the colours of your rainbow, whatever that may be!


5. Promote

A lot of online creators are hesitant when promoting themselves, but if you don’t do it – nobody else will! It makes SUCH a huge difference, and I often find myself telling friends they should be promoting more. Here’s the thing, I’m not saying turn into a walking, talking advert; nobody wants that. I’m just saying get a little more confident in telling people why they should read your blog, watch your channel, or buy your products. You work hard, don’t let it go to waste! I would recommend scheduling daily tweets, sharing things on Instagram, and pinning images from your blog often.



I do hope this helps, but like I mentioned; I can only talk from my own experience! Let me know what tips you have, or if any of this helped you! 🙂




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