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Tips For Quiet, Productive Days.

21st January 2018

Want to know what my favourite type of day is? It’s really quite boring, so don’t be expecting magical adventures and fireworks.

My favourite type of day, are those quiet days where I don’t have a demanding to-do list, I can go at my own pace and do what I like, and yet I’m still being productive.

Today is one of those days (well, it is as I write this, I’m not sure what the hell my day will be like when this goes out tomorrow). I’m really quite content and happy, and I’ve found that I’m humming along to a song and smiling to myself even.

The sun is shining, I have no immediate deadlines for work stuff, and there’s a cute kitty nuzzling around my feet (probably just after a treat, but I’ll take it). All in all things are great today, and I think I’ve found my happy place. So I wanted to share this, in the hopes there may be one or two of you who loves these days too, and find that they thrive in them.

I’ve put together a list of things to do on quiet days where you still want to feel productive, and get stuff DONE; but you don’t necessarily want to do ‘work’.

1. Tidy up. I know this sounds like the most boring thing ever; but it’s so worth it! A tidy space is a tidy mind as my Mum always says. Put some washing on, fold and put away those clothes, take out the rubbish, give a quick hoover, make sure you have a cosy space for reading, crafting, or writing. If it’s warm enough, open the windows for an instant refreshed, happy feeling.

2. Reorganise your drawers. Whether it be desk drawers, clearing out old notes, or sorting through your underwear drawer and getting rid of any pants you don’t LOVE; do it today.

3. Get a whiteboard. I can’t tell you just how much I love mine and how useful it always is. Write down things you need to remember, pop up happy photos, plan out your annual/monthly goals, and feel great when you get to wipe things off!

4. Plan content for your blog, Youtube or Instagram. But only if you want to! This isn’t about WORK. This should be a fun time taking photographs, or quietly making notes as you listen to a podcast.

5. Clear your inbox, messages and reply to any unanswered texts. Have nobody awaiting a reply from you. It’ll clear your head more than you think.

6. Take a look at your calendar and see whose birthday is coming up next; start planning their gift now, and make a note of when to pick up a card/post it. Organised is awesome!

7. Sort those photos out! You probably have a box of random photos hidden somewhere don’t you? Well now is the time to start organising them into albums. Trust me, you’ll be SO glad you did!

8. Create a meal plan. I adore doing this, as I bloody hate thinking of meals when Im shopping. Having a clear cut plan to refer to is solid GOLD and I can’t recommend this enough.

9. Time to de-clutter your computer and phone! Backup everything you want to save, then delete the rest. Organise photographs, work, writing and whatever else you have into folders, and clear your digital data!

10. Clear out your beauty products. Yep, I said it! Refer to this post if you need tips, and you’ll feel so much better for it! You probably have out of date products, things you never use, and things you’ve forgotten about. Sort it all out and you’ll love using your collection even more (and maybe have space for more!).


What do you like to do on quiet, no pressure days, to be productive still? 🙂





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