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The Ultimate Blogging Work Space*

29th January 2018

colourful desk

You guys have probably seen my work space in it’s ever changing glory over the years if you follow me on social media, or have been a long time reader of this blog. That’s because I LOVE having a fun work space that not only looks colourful but also feels inspiring, and works for ME. As much as I love Pinterest desks and office spaces, and I’m envious of their chic beauty; it’s just not me.

I’m a colourful, busy, slightly chaotic person. So why shouldn’t the space I work in represent that?

As you probably know, I work from home. We don’t have the biggest house, and I’ve recently had to move my working area into our bedroom rather than the spare room. So things can be cramped, but I make it work well!

There are a few things required for my work space; the desk (obviously), a whiteboard (to write notes, make plans and generally keep my life in order), my printer, a cupboard full of my packaging supplies and some drawers to store all my stationery and loose bits of work.


Having lots of colourful Artwork displayed around my desk is a must-have for me. A lot of it is my own work; drawings and paintings, and some other cute things I picked up from Paperchase and other small Artists. I also keep little Polaroid photos around and keepsakes which friends have gotten me.

signomatic sticker decal

The best part though? Getting to display my blog/business name proudly!

I got this adorable DORKFACE sticker from the guys over at Signomatic* and I’m so darn happy with it! They kindly got in touch with me and told me about their amazing range of products, and asked if I would like to try out any one of my choice. They have acrylic signs, door signs, wooden signs (very Pinteresty!!), and so much more. I decided to try out their sticker range of vinyl texts which I thought would be perfect for displaying on the wall above my desk. They come in a range of colours; so I obviously opted for something bright and fun! Yellow makes me feel inspired and happy – which is a must have if you work indoors everyday like me.

It was SO easy to order, customise, and then finally put up once it arrived. They even have have an awesome offer for a free product for all bloggers, so be sure to check that out!

Your work space or the place you blog everyday should represent YOU; which is why I love this so much. It feels like I’ve given my space a colourful little makeover, and it feels so much nicer to work at my desk now!


Do you guys prefer a colourful work space, covered with inspiring imagery? Or are you more a chic/minimalist type? Let me know your dream desk/work space in the comments! 🙂






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