5 Things I’m Loving

Another edition of the blog post where I get to ramble away, sipping tea, just celebrating all the good things in life. Like tea. I hope you guys are enjoying these posts every week or two (you never know when I’m going to post one), because I sure am! I love just getting the opportunity to rave about the little things.

This week has been rather lovely already for me, I just FEEL GOOD, y’know? Maybe it’s the promise of Spring around the corner, maybe it’s the love of month giving me all the feelz, or maybe it’s just that nothing too stressful has gone wrong this week. Either way, HURRAH! I’m a happy bunny.

Anyway, here’s 5 things I’ve been loving.


1. Pushing myself

This week I’ve really kept my promise to myself, to push myself a little more out of my comfort zone work wise. You may remember from my February Goals post that I wanted to focus on brand outreach; and I have! It’s probably weird to a lot of you, since I’ve been blogging for FOUR YEARS now; but I seriously NEVER approach brands. I think I have maybe 3 times??? I dont know what I’m doing at all, but this month I’ve been determined to be brave and just TRY, and it’s gone well! I’ve emailed some contacts I already had, and found the PR for brands I haven’t worked with yet; and really sold myself and what I do (confidence is scary). It’s bagged me one or two lovely campaigns for the next month, so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Momiji dolls

YASSSS. A lot of you may have seen me raving about Momiji dolls on Instagram, since they kindly surprised me with the Cupid and Cloud 9 dolls. So many people said they used to love these growing up, but I never knew about them! I must have been oblivious, especially because these are SO ME. Everyone knows I love collecting cute trinkets and things (hello Tsum Tsum collection) and these are SO beautiful! I have my eye on the Birthday Girl one next! (*Cough*…… my birthday is in April if anyone cares… *cough*)

3. Meeting Danni

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Danni, who I’ve spoken to on Instagram for so long now it seems! She used to live in Plymouth but still comes back often to see family, and so we arranged to meet while she was here at the weekend, and I’m so glad we did! She also spoiled me to some of her amazing baking concoctions including a creme egg brownie, creme egg cake jar (BEST THING EVER!) and an Afternoon Tea cake jar – YUM! You guys should go follow her Facebook and check them out. Anyway, we had a blast, and she’s so SO lovely! It felt so nice to make a new friend!

4. Plans to see people!

I have finally been able to book my Mum a train ticket to come and see me, IM SO HAPPY! I spent every last penny I have, and may have to eat beans on toast for a week or two, but it’s worth it! She hasn’t been to Plymouth in around 6 months, and it will be wonderful to see her!

5. Happy mail

Today I’m doing some much needed catching up on ‘happy mail’. Basically I love to treat friends and family (or close bloggers!) to a little surprise in the mail as often as I can. I love snail mail so much and it makes a change from nasty bills coming through the door doesn’t it?! Sending happy mail, knowing I’ll be bringing a smile really cheers me up! This week I’m sending a little card off to a friend, some gifts to Mum, and I’m hoping to send a big care package to someone next week who I think could really do with cheering up.


What have you guys been loving lately? 🙂



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