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5 Simple Pet Pleasures*

5th February 2018


This week, I wanted to concentrate on the good. It seems everyone is in a much happier mood now that February has begun, and I don’t know about you guys, but we’re getting a lot more brighter days around here and it’s improving my mood drastically! It’s good to count our blessings, and take note of all the little happy things so that we can look back on them. This is why I’ve started keeping notes of daily happy things in my bullet journal, and I thoroughly recommend you guys do it too!

I wanted to share today the 5 Simple Pet Pleasures from having my two cats; Luna and Pixi (or more affectionately called, ‘Pips’). Because after a very blue January, these two kitties were my little carers, looking after me with plenty of snuggles and making me feel loved while I tried to work. 

1. Morning purrs 

Each of my cats wakes me up each morning by climbing all over my fiance and I, promptly telling us we need to start the day! Their little purrs are a much better way to wake up than an annoying alarm, and they usually wander around us and knead us until we get up. It’s ADORABLE.

2. The wonder of new things

Whenever we bring something new into the house, the cats are immediately all over it with quiet curiosity. Whether it’s just a thrill over the empty box, or getting lost in some bubble wrap; these little babes make getting blogger mail even more eventful – they’re just as excited as me!

3. Knowing they’re safe

I’ve had my older cat Luna insured for a long while now, but we’ve only recently got our little baby Pips sorted with Petplan Pet Insurance and it’s such an important thing to do for your pets! It’s not just for ‘big/scary’ things that happen too, it’s knowing that even if they have a small injury or they need something checking out; you can rest assured knowing you have that safety net in place. Our cats are both indoor cats and we’ve still had to take them the vets multiple times over things, so it’s an absolute necessity! Please do make sure your pets are insured.

4. Friendship

I LOVE that my two cats are basically bestest buddies now, as we were so worried when we brought home a second kitty to join our original BAE. After some initial cautiousness from the two of them however, they got on so well! They now play together everyday, snuggle up for cuddles, groom each other and chase each other around the house. Pixi came to us purely by chance when she was in need of a home, and I’m SO so glad we took her in. She’s a treasure, and I love that Luna now has a little friend.

5. Goodnight snuggles

Now this isn’t one for everyone, and I totally get why. But our two cats end up joining us every night, jumping onto our bed, and nestling on our feet/legs. We didn’t intend for this to happen and tried to keep them locked out at night, but I felt so sorry for them when they’d cry for us, haha! So now every night we know our little fur babies will come cuddle us, and to be honest… it’s the sweetest thing! I don’t know where that rumour came from that cats aren’t as affectionate as dogs, because our two are constantly after cuddles!


Do you guys have any pets? Tell me something about them in a comment! 🙂


*This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.




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