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Cheerz Valentines Gifts (And a Giveaway!)

2nd February 2018

Let me start by admitting that I am a super cheesy, romantic, mushy person, and my fiance is exactly the same. It’s one of the reasons I love him so much; because he shows how much he loves me every single day without holding back. Bleuughhh – I know, I’ll shut up. But the reason I mention this, is because you know how annoying people are always like, ‘You shouldn’t just show love on Valentines day!‘ – well I agree, of course, and our Valentines days genuinely aren’t that different from the rest of the year for us. However it really is annoying when people say that, isn’t it? Because it’s lovely to celebrate! I’m a definite fan of Valentines, and I say having a day reminding us to show love just CANNOT be a bad thing.

Anyway, my point is; I’m a romantic, and so I’m always trying to do sweet things to show my fiance how much I care for him. Leaving him little notes in his jackets, framing our favourite photographs together, baking him sweet treats I know he’ll love (ok so I burn everything but the thought was there). Valentines aint got nothin’ on me. But I’ll take it anyway!

However, there are those of you out there who aren’t one for being so mushy; and that’s fine! So you may be a little rusty with ideas for making your loved one smile this year, and that’s where Cheerz comes in!

I love Cheerz for so many of their products, and they’ve featured on this blog many times before. My favourite product of theirs is the beautiful printed photo albums they offer, and I’ve just gotten my second one (view my first here), in what I’m sure will be a long series!

Cheerz photo albums come in different formats and in hardback or paperback. I’ve gone for the hardback option each time, as they just feel so special! I have numbered my albums 1 & 2 each time, and I’ll be ordering number 3 at the end of the year. You can see the little numbers on the spine of the book, and it’s such a beautiful and simple way to keep track of your photo memories. You can also title them so it might be worth popping the month/year down the spine too!

The quality of the photo albums is just AMAZING. You get to arrange the book exactly as you please; whether that be one large photo per page, perhaps with a short description underneath – OR – a collage of photographs scattered throughout the pages. The whole process is easy, and really creative. 

I’m absolutely over the moon with my new pink hardback photo album, and it’s such a perfect Valentines gift! Whether it be for a partner, a friend, your mum, whatever! What better way to cherish your memories?! Better still, use the code EIOGTH and get £5 off your own album!

Another unique and fun product Cheerz offer are their Heart Magnets! These special Valentines goodies are a bundle of your favourite photographs made into handy magnets that you can display on your kitchen fridge or your office whiteboard (I’ve popped some on both!). This special bundle is just £18 for 9 photographs and also includes an extra magnet which you can customise with a special message.

AND I have some exciting news for you guys! I have a giveaway live on my Instagram for you to WIN a set of your own heart magnets – be sure to check it out!

I’m so pleased that Cheerz offer such beautiful and fun ways to celebrate your love this Valentines day, and I can’t wait to see who wins my giveaway!

Are you guys fans of Valentines?!





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