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Diary Entry 1

15th February 2018

I recently delved into a plethora of old school blogs, by sheer accident. People who do not use Olympus Pens, who do not put blog posts in an eye catching ’10 Things blah-blah-blah List’ (no hate, I fucking love these) and who certainly ooze just as much creativity and passion for this hobby/job/thang. It all felt very Tumblr, and it lit up my little heart guys. This is why I got into blogging, this is what I LOVE. Though my own blog has developed very differently over the years, it made me realise I still want to keep that raw spark alive and nourished here on Dorkface. That’s the whole point. I’m a DORK. I’m not a polished, swish, fashion mogul who is aspirational goals. But I damn well will try to amuse you while you sit with a cup of tea reading.

So I’ll be injecting a little old school blogging back into the heart of this place; starting with diary entries. Nothing structured, nothing with a schedule, no rules. Just little life updates, random thoughts, and a real heart to heart with how things are going. This will be the place I’m more likely to share day to day photos too, rather than a perfect flatlay. I want to snap what my life actually looks like, and what I’m up to.

So let’s get into it.

Yesterday was Valentines and Gary and I kept it real low-key which is what we always prefer. We LOVE Valentines, but it’s a chance for us to take a day off work, do fun little things and just hang; rather than fancy dates or swish gifts. I was really pleased as I found a cute top and cardigan in H&M that I loved and it gave me a little confidence boost, so yay for that. I love when high street places have nice stuff in plus sizes – more of this please! I also treated Gary to some tshirts and hats. Not much, but such a huge deal for us! I very rarely get to treat him to anything, so it felt awesome. We also had a top notch Nandos (I go for butterfly chicken, Gary’s a veggie so goes for the halloumi wrap) and we picked up some random bits and bobs that we needed while in town. Then we headed home, I wrote blog posts, Gary cuddled the cats and watched Youtube, and all in all it was a lovely day.

I’ve had a few awesome little goodies in the post this week too! The lovely Eleanor kindly picked me up some AMAZING Little Mermaid pins while she was in Disney! How nice is that?!? I’m currently deciding where to pin them, and I thiiiink Im gonna start adding to my backpack!! I’ll be sure to show photos when I’ve added loads from my collection. The other little special treat in the post was a handwritten post from Holly. I met Holly at my first ever blogging event 4 years ago when we both lived in Liverpool, when I was nervous and new to blogging; and she was the NICEST person ever. I mean like, the sweetest person you could ever imagine. We were instant friends and I’ve adored her ever since. These days she lives in London, and Im in Plymouth; so its rare we see each other. But I love this girl! We mentioned a while ago we should start writing to each other to keep up with our lives, and it would be more personal if we wrote letters. Hers turned up this week, and made me cry! Guys, write to people you love. It’s cool.

The next 3 weekends are gonna be lovely for me; I have a blog brunch this weekend (yay!), Sian and El visit Plymouth next weekend (OMG!!) and we’re hanging out, and then after that my mum and brothers visit me!! EEP. I’m so glad I’ll be seeing them all soon, it’ll be so bloody nice. So in-between the weekends I’ll be preparing blog posts, getting Etsy orders sent out, and trying to make the house look as tidy as possible… wish me luck!

I’ve also gotta make time to sort my roots as my hair looks in dire need of a refresh! The lovely Kaye will be visiting me in early April to get some photographs, and I want to look my best of course! I’m getting more and more confident in front of the camera which is good since I don’t want to be a nervous mess for Kaye! Be sure to keep up with my Instagram to see the snaps I share daily!

Anyways gang, I really hope you enjoy these sort of posts; as they’re my fave! It brings back all the best bits of blogging and keeps the fun in it. It might not be the shiniest, snazziest or most inspiring; but hopefully it’ll feel like home to come visit me during these blog posts.


Until next time! 🙂





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