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Diary Entry 2

26th February 2018

Right now I’m trying to warm my freezing cold hands by clutching a cuppa’ tea, in-between speedy typing sessions, whilst covered in many jumpers and various other layers. But I’m here, I’m back, typing away. I wanted to do another diary style post, as you all were so wonderful about the last one I did; and it’s definitely my favourite type of blog post to write. If you’re new around here; basically these posts are a chance for me to catch up with you guys, really let you into my life behind the scenes, and just C H A T – y’know? I want this to be a place for unpolished, everyday photos (lol as if mine are ever perfect anyway) so that you get a real indication of what my life is like. I also want to keep that joy for blogging alive, and I find most happiness in these chatty life posts. So here we are.

Today myself, Gary and his Mum went up to Dartmoor and roamed about, taking in all the beautiful views; and even climbed a HUGE MOUNTAIN (ok no, a big hill). We wrapped up in loads of layers, but it was still absolutely freezing with the winds hitting us from all around, and my hands were like ice! It was SO worth it though, as it was magnificent to look out onto the moors, see the surrounding towns, and take it all in. It was so bright and beautiful despite the temperature, that I got some lovely photos too!

I think that last one is a pretty real representation of how cold and windy it was, LOL. After exploring we went for lunch and it was just lovely to be honest. The nicest start to the week I’ve had in ages. 

The rest of the week is lining up to be great too; I have my Mum visiting from Thursday for a few nights and it’ll be so great to see her! I also have a lovely Lush event to attend on Sunday, and thanks to a few orders during my big Etsy sale (at the time of publishing this there’s still about 8 hours left to get 40% off!) – I’ll be kept busy the next few days getting them all packed and ready to send off. So pretty nice all in all!

After Mum goes home next week, I’ll be starting to bring my very first Zine to life hopefully. I want to make mini zines; with different themes for each one. They will be packed with unique artwork found nowhere else, short stories, poetry, and more! So keep an eye out for that if you’re into that sort of thing! And feel free to throw suggestions or ideas my way, for what you’d like to see.

You may have seen last week (if you follow my Instagram) that I finally met the lovely Eleanor and Sian, who visited Plymouth for the first time – and they’re SO LOVELY. Seriously, I had such a laugh and felt so at home with these gals who I’ve spoken to online with or absolutely ages. It was so great to get to actually hang out, and I hope I can visit them in the future! Go give them a follow, because they’re fab.

Other great things this week include having many flowers around the house (I bought tulips, and I have mini daffodils growing in a pot) and finding lots of time to just sit and read a good book. I’ve banged on and on recently about the Ted Bundy book I just finished, because it was wonderful (find it here) and perfect for those really into true crime. I’m now starting another in the Lincoln Rhyme series that I love (here) and it’s equally as thrilling, but less CHILLING because it’s fiction. 

I’m also pretty buzzing that my two favourite ever TV shows are back on Now TV; Greys Anatomy and Criminal Minds (you’ll see I’m addicted to killers). So each week I’m gasping with every twist and turn, and I LOVE IT. I swear I’ll never tire of them.


Now though? I better get back to work gang. There’s so much to do and if I hope to have time off for Gary’s birthday next week, I really better get on with it. So enjoy your week, be nice, and wrap up warm! (Oh, this is my fave jumper recently, and one people keep asking me about!). 





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