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Favourite Blog Reads Recently

I love sharing my favourite bloggers, Instagram accounts, creators of all walks on this blog; and I know you guys love a good recommendation! Between beauty reviews, life musings, little hauls and other things I have coming up, I thought you might like to know what blog posts have really stayed with me for the past week or two.

The following five bloggers are gals you probably already know and love (if not, you should!!); but it’s for good reason. They always produce wonderful, interesting content and I constantly check back with them to see whats new. Well turns out, they’ve once again been cracking out some bangers! So share the love, give them a follow, and let me know what you think!


My five favourite blog posts recently:


1. 35 Small Acts Of Self-Care You Can Practice Every Day – Little White Socks


3. My Baby Birth Story – Hannah Gale

4. I’m Sorry For Cancelling Our Plans (Again) – Lauren Evie

5. 4 True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen To – Sweet Allure


What have you guys loved reading? 🙂





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