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February Advertisers

28th February 2018

The month of love is leaving us, and it’s gone pretty darn quick to be honest hasn’t it? February was a good month for me personally; I had a better work/life balance, I enjoyed some awesome days with friends, and I feel proud that I managed to get through it, even though some things tested me. A sponsored post here and there, and one or two of you booking an Advertising package (including a new Instagram only package!); helped me manage to stay afloat, phew. I’d love my personal joys to continue in March, but I’d love my work life to improve a little bit and not be so scary. The perils of being self employed eh.

Anyway, I had plenty to read and keep me entertained throughout the month, from my lovely advertisers! I’d truly love if you guys supported them by visiting their blogs and giving them a follow! There’s so much to dive into!…


Chronically Strong

In her own words: When I originally started blogging in 2014, I only focused on UC & the surgeries. – Now my blog Chronically Strong has changed and grown drastically. I now write on various topics including: lifestyle, self care, pescatarianism and more! So go ahead: take a look around, read a post or seven. Watch a few videos and enjoy!

This gal is so inspiring, and well worth following!


Sian Blogs

In her own words: Hello, I’m Sian and I blog over at! I’ve been sharing content there for over two years now, and treat it like my online scrapbook; a space to journal adventures, share thoughts on mental health, and track any creative endeavours… When I’m not blogging, I can be found behind a camera, at the cinema, or talking about the latest releases with @afilmclub!

Sian is such an awesome blogger and friend, and puts so much creativity into all she does! I admire this gal so much.


The Prosecco Diaries

Sarah’s blog has been a favourite of mine to visit for such a great range of posts including, lifestyle issues, blogging help/tips/knowledge, book recommendations, and SO much more! I love blogs that are a huge plethora of fantastic reads I can dive into and get lost in for hours; and The Prosecco Diaries is PERFECT for this. I’m also a huge fan of the layout of her blog, it’s so easy to navigate, check out particular categories, and she always uses beautiful imagery too! Definitely go have a binge read!


Danielle Levy

In her own words: Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m 25, from Liverpool & a critical care nurse as well as a blogger/vlogger. I spent most of my time wittering about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health and nursing as well as some of my post-night shift rambles in my little corner of the internet.

Danielle is such a lovely blogger both online and offline, and I just know you guys will love her!


The Alexandra Edit

In her own words: The Alexandra Edit is a lifestyle blog, run by a British girl living in Australia. I love to talk about anything and everything that takes my fancy and enjoy spending time perfecting my photography and making my posts look unique.

I’ve fallen in love with Alex’s photography and blog altogether! It’s a beautiful hub of lifestyle, beauty and travel posts.


Stumbling Mind

In her own words: Hi I’m Katie and I blog over on Stumbling Mind, where I discuss all things mental health. I started blogging as a therapeutic outlet, and it’s honestly become a huge part of my life! Now I’m on a mission to help others and smash the stigma surrounding mental health! I write educational and opinion pieces, give advice and tips, and share my own story.

I love how honest and open Katie is on her blog, its such a refreshing welcome to my feed!


From Fiona

In her own words: Hi I’m Fiona and my blog is From Fiona which is a Scottish lifestyle blog. As a lifestyle blogger, I love the fact that I can blog about pretty much anything. My current favourites are travel, food and drink and some more personal posts too. I’m hoping to re-introduce more book posts to the blog as I’ve been getting into reading again now I have my Kindle.

Fiona’s an amazing all round blogger who I regularly visit for blogging tips, lifestyle binges, food/drink and travel features! Go give her a visit!


Bleet App

In their own words: Bleet is an app designed by bloggers, for bloggers. Our goal is to create an app that makes it fun and easy to meet new bloggers in your area.

I’m SO FREAKIN’ excited for this app to launch! The guys behind it are amazing, and it’s going to be the new face of socialising within the blogging community. Go download the app and get your profile ready!! And be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter!


Not Copper Armour

In her own words: Hi I’m Emma, a 20-something creator from the Midlands who is a photographer and lifestyle blogger. I mostly try to create fresh relatable content for those interested in creative topics but on occasion write about more personal subjects. Not Copper Armour is my outlet, it’s a place for my ideas to get out and say hello plus it’s a way to meet new wonderful folks who also love a good read or who create their own online space. My loves include photography, minimalist ideals, sharks and mashed potato.

I love Emma’s blog for her stunning photography, addictive posts, and here various range of categories she covers!


Blooming El

In her own words: Well hello there! I’m Eleanor, occasional sightseer, frequent chocolate eater, wannabe country girl and cherisher of the simple things. Blooming El is my little corner of the internet where I share snippets of my life and my adventures.

El’s blog has been one of my faves for SO LONG now, I seriously adore this girl! She writes about her life, her thoughts, and everything that makes her happy. It’ll make YOU happy too if you go give her a visit!








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