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Are You Feeling Pressured By Your Blog?

20th February 2018

I got chatting to a blogger friend recently, we were talking about having a schedule when it comes to uploading our posts; and it made me realise how incredibly chilled I am compared to some creators. Sure, I am a total geek when it comes to scheduling tweets, analysing Insta-data and organising my blog posts by category and trying to alternate regularly.

However throughout all this nit-picking geekiness I do tend to have, I definitely don’t pressure myself when it comes to a schedule. You may have noticed in the past week, I’ve posted just twice. Now, this is a lot to some blogs, I know. But for me this is the slowest my blog has been at for months. I average about four or five blog posts most weeks, and sometimes it’s even an everyday thing. I have more time to write than people who also have to work a separate job, and I actually love posting that often anyway. But I’ve never felt like I had to.

No matter what’s going on in my life, I only post on this blog when I WANT TO. In the past few years, I have never once felt this pressure to write, like so many of my friends do. If I don’t write one week, it doesn’t bother me. If I write every single day for two months, great. I never take part in Blogmas or any sort of everyday blog challenges, because I really don’t see the point (for myself). If I don’t publish something on here one day, the world isn’t going to end. In fact, the world probably won’t even notice; and that’s okay.

I’m even quite chill with WHEN I publish a blog post too. I never, ever schedule one to go out at a specific time. Sometimes there’s a newbie in the morning, sometimes I upload just before midnight. I tried properly scheduling once and it didn’t publish, and so all my scheduled tweets looked absolutely ridiculous promoting something that wasn’t there. So this isn’t something I even try anymore (I know it was a one off accident and I could fix this, but it’s fine, I really don’t care at all).

When I speak to (some) other bloggers, they find this sort of attitude quite surprising, and have even asked my ‘secret’. But I really don’t know what to tell ya guys, I just DON’T CARE enough. I love my blog more than anything else I’ve ever done. But am I reaaaaally gonna stress myself out if it’s Sunday night on the sofa with Gary and I realise I’ve got nothing written for Monday? LOL NOPE THAT WOULD BE MADNESS. I have a spreadsheet for my blog, with post ideas scattered around on different days, but I move them about and change plans to always suit my mood.

I think the only ‘secret’ I have is that this attitude has served me well over the past few years, and I thoroughly recommend you all try it. It’s meant my blog has never been a place of stress or felt like a chore to me. I’m not saying this is directly linked either; but I’ve always got a full list of blog post ideas at the ready, which I add to all the time. I really do believe my constant inspiration is because I don’t try force it. I only visit WordPress and click that ‘Add New Post’ button when I’m reeeeally in the mood.

The greatest thing to come from this super relaxed attitude is that I’m still just as passionate and just as dedicated to this ‘hobby’ of mine years and years later.

So next time you may be having a little meltdown worrying about your blog views or publishing a post every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; just put a bit of Bob Marley on and remember that EVERY LITTLE THING, IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.




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