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4 Years Of Dorkface

3rd March 2018

How the hell did we get here??!! FOUR YEARS.

Four whole years. Over 1000 blog posts written. Countless friends made. An award or two. At least 3 big re-designs. Thousands of photos taken. SO MANY amazing opportunities and memories made. It’s been quite a journey, and I feel a little overwhelmed when I think about how far this blog has taken me.

When I first started a blog (just before starting Dorkface), it was a really shoddy one on Wix; when Wix was the shittest thing ever (I don’t know what it’s like now, but they have a lot of Youtube ads and it seems a bit more swish at least). I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and it was so, terribly bad. Somehow though I managed to get a few readers..?!!? I’ll never know how, even today.

But here we are. I can proudly boast an archive full of blog posts I’m extremely happy with (like this one, this and of course this), and there’s over 50,000 followers out there supporting me in one way or another. I am SO damn grateful for this, and I hope to keep you guys interested in the future just as much.

So where’s my focus right now in 2018?

Well, my blog posts still range from beauty features, life behind the scenes, a few product reviews, and a plethora of motivational posts that I always hope inspires you guys. My favourite blog posts recently have been my Diary Entries; I have so much fun with them! I love sharing my life week by week (or whenever I fancy it), being really honest about what I’m up to, and sharing phone snaps rather than super staged flatlays. I’m also in love with Instagram more than ever! I’ve started posting little videos creating different makeup looks, which is so fun and different for me. I’m a makeup novice, and probably always will be; so it’s not supposed to be professional. It’s about the average girl who loves experimenting with products and colours; so keep an eye out for them if you like that sort of thing. I also really like updating my stories daily, I feel like I’ve finally found a daily way to connect with you guys, without vlogging or Youtube (which I really cant be arsed with). My theme is still colourful, but relaxed enough that I can post whatever I like; so I’m enjoying Instagram a lot now.

I want to keep going with what I’m doing, hopefully getting a few new readers along the way, and improving my content all the time. My blog is my place for fun, honestly, and happiness; and I;d love you guys to feel that way about it too. So feel free to tell me things you love/hate/would like to see.

I’m still the same old dork who started this thing back in 2014 on a whim. Just probably a bit more confident and ambitious. 

So I want to say THANK YOU. Without you I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun or feel like there was a point to me typing away all the time. I wanted to do a giveaway. However I didn’t want to do a whole Twitter or Rafflecopter giveaway sort of deal – because then someone who doesn’t even read this blog may win something; which seems pointless. I want to thank YOU, you person who actually stops by, and who takes an interest.

So here’s the deal; anyone who leaves a comment is in with a chance of winning a little something. Please leave some way for me to contact you in your comment (email or Twitter handle is best) and I’ll be in touch with a few of you! It might be a beauty product, it might be an Amazon voucher, it might be a free advertising package with me, it might be a goody box full of cute things from my shop, or it might be something else completely! I want to make a few fun packages, with genuine thank you notes to send to people who keep supporting me. I’ll choose some people over the next week or so, and be in touch. And that’s it! 🙂 


This blog means the world to me, and it is literally changing my life; for which I am so grateful.

I hope the next four years see even more exciting adventures for me, and I hope you’ll join me along the way! 





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