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5 Step Guide To Surviving Social Media

18th March 2018

Social media can be a minefield of (unwarranted) opinions, arguments, envy and doubt; but it’s the norm for us all these days. I’m not just talking about bloggers either; my whole family is on Facebook and all showing their highlights reel each day. Without meaning to, we show the best bits of our lives, envy the lives of others, get stuck in toxic arguments online, and social media can quickly turn sour.

But it’s probably unrealistic for most of us, to suggest giving up on social media altogether. And we shouldn’t have to! Social media has brought me the most amazing friends, opportunities, support and connections; and I wouldn’t want to give that up for anything. I do think there is some basic things you can do though to survive social media and enjoy it more. 

So I thought I’d share these with you guys today, and I hope it helps!


1. Find your people

Seek out people with the same interests, join in Twitter chats, comment on photos of people you admire on Instagram, and invest your energy in good people! Whether you share similar music tastes, creative hobbies or both have a Matthew Gray Gubler obsession (ahem, me); focus on that to find new online buddies. It’s important to find people to connect with, not only because it’s fun; but because otherwise you’ll only see people in your feed who may make you feel ‘not good enough’. I love and admire some big bloggers/creators; but if I only followed them I’d definitely feel like my own blog/self isn’t worth anything.

2. Block and mute for your health

Don’t be afraid to cull yo! We all have people we don’t follow but still somehow always manage to pop up on our feed, who we’d rather didn’t. It’s not a ‘nasty thing’ to block, if it’s helping you keep your feed a happy place. I’ve also come to LOVE the mute button too, because there are some people I follow who I support and admire; but I’m just not that into what they tweet… or maybe they do a lot of subtweets? You can guarantee that’ll send me into a paranoid worry in case it’s about me. I’d rather mute and not ever worry or care. Also another great tip: if you want someone to unfollow you (maybe a prying family member?!), then simply block them, then unblock them. They probably won’t even realise, but it makes them unfollow you and you won’t feel like they’re stalking your feed then!

3. Keep it interesting

Sometimes you can bore yourself to death scrolling Instagram over and over again, or browsing Twitter for something to do. Shaking up your social media can do wonders! Spend a day promoting people who deserve it, create a ‘day in the life’ on Instagram, create polls for your audience, or figure out a way to do something different than usual!

4. Take breaks

I recently cut down my social media time massively, and it helped me so much! I don’t always want or need this, but every few months it’s essential that I take some time away. Delete your apps, fill your days with joy and stay productive, and you won’t even realise how much time has gone by since your last scroll. 

5. Be your own cheerleader!

I’ve talked a lot about promoting yourself before, whether it be for your blog, shop, Instagram or whatever. It’s so important to put yourself out there, and it can make social media more enjoyable too! It means you’ll get feedback on your content/work, and help others find you too. It’s so wonderful to have a place we can cheer ourselves on too! I have a lot of insecurities and doubts about myself; but shouting about my new blog post or products gives me real confidence, and helps me. I thoroughly recommend it!


Do you have any tips for surviving social media these days? 🙂




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