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Diary Entry 4

12th March 2018

Here we are again gang, hey, how are ya?

These posts are now my cathartic blogging therapy, in a way. I hope you guys like ’em, because I think they may be here to stay! I definitely didn’t mean to rhyme there, sorry.

It’s been 9 days since my last diary entry post and I feel like I’ve been in a weird funk since then. My inspiration has been up and down like a roller-coaster, I feel a bit ’empty’, I’ve been really negative on myself lately and I’m just not quite sure what’s wrong to be honest. I’m not sad or anything, but I’m usually MUCH, much happier than this and I’ve really noticed the difference. The past week feels really ‘mehh’ – if that makes sense? I’m not EXCITED by anything, I’m focusing on little worries rather than the good stuff, and I just feel like I don’t know what to do with myself outside of work stuff.

However I do like to try concentrate on life’s little joys, so I thought I’d round up some things that have made me smile recently!

Yes this colourful girl likes colourful makeup, what a surprise! I’ve been really enjoying playing with my collection lately and trying out new looks. I’ll always be a makeup noob; I’m never gonna be an expert, and that’s okay! I just love having fun, and I don’t want my (pretty big) collection going to waste. I’ve started sharing these looks on Instagram through cool photos and videos (well ok, I think they’re cool!), so pop over and check them out. 

I have also been painting again, even though my inspiration is a bit all over the place right now. I forced myself to get the canvases, brushes and paints out; and just see what happens. I’ve really enjoyed it, though I’m not sure what I quite want to do. Sometimes just diving in helps though, and I always feel better for it! I do need to replace the painting in our bedroom above our bed though; it’s dark colours and very Wintery. I want to create something really SUMMERY and bright and happy, so it looks much more suited to the warmer months. So I think I’m going to try tackle that this week. Remember guys; if you fancy a painting of your own you can always feel free to contact me with requests, questions and so on. Just email

I’ve been using The Ordinary Serum Foundation* for the past few weeks; and I’ve fallen in love! This little drop of heaven is so soft and smooth, easily applies over my skin (even without primer, I might add!) and lasts really well. I found my skin looked so much healthier and glowing (even when I felt the opposite!) and I got quite a few compliments, so I’m loving it. It’s a light to medium coverage, and does the job brilliantly for everyday use. I’ll be sticking to this for a while as it makes a nice, lighter change to my usual full coverage heavy foundation. This was kindly gifted to me just FYI, but I haven’t been paid at all – and I really do just kinda love it!

Gary and I have been enjoying our nature walks through the woods, and this always makes me feel so much better! I live in front of screens, and getting away from that for a little while feels so damn good (though I can’t resist getting my phone out for the odd photo..).

For the next week, my goals are to hang out with friends and stop being a hermit, put together some nice outfits and try my best not to wimp out of doing some photos, finish at least one painting, read at least once a day, and shake up my routine; because I so desperately need it!

What are you goals for the next week?



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