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Diary Entry 5

25th March 2018

I feel like it’s been ages since I last wrote a little life update for one of these diary posts, so hello again!

Life is pretty good right now, I feel happy and inspired. I’m currently planning a few new products for my Etsy shop, including thank you cards, more greeting cards in general, a few new illustrations, keyrings, sets of hand painted coasters, and so much more. I also have plans to launch something big on my shop in Summer (I’m thinking around June-ish) so that’ll be fun! And I’ll definitely have another tshirt design on the go within the next few weeks too. So basically lots of fun plans, and cute stuff. I may have also got a lovely email from a big company wanting illustration work from me, so please keep your fingers crossed for me guys! This could be an amazing opportunity.

I’ve just finished reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine; and I enjoyed it so much! It was an easy read, but with a bit of a twist, and lots of emotions. I’d definitely recommend. If you’re not in the mood for a book though, I’ve also been watching lots of cool shows that I’ve loved (and not just my usual recommendation of Greys Anatomy and Criminal Minds!). I’ve been loving Queer Eye, Nailed It, The End Of The Fucking World and The Assassination Of Gianni Versace. I binge watched TEOTFW, and loved it! It was not what I expected at all, and it made for a wonderful surprise. It also gave me Wes Anderson vibes, but like.. a DARK Wes Anderson. Anyone else?

I officially have less than two weeks until my photoshoot with Kaye and I’m determined to try look nice and less like the goblin that I feel like! I’m having such a bad week or two with my skin though, breakouts and dry patches galore. Im usually REALLY lucky with my skin, so this is soda law. Hopefully it’ll look fresh and lovely again when Kaye comes. I’m also planning on redoing my hair in the next week. My colour needs refreshing and my roots need doing, and I may get it trimmed slightly too, just so it looks as healthy as it can. I really don’t want to fret over every little thing, but I also want to make sure my photos will look as nice as poss! So fingers crossed.

It’s drawing closer and closer to my 30th birthday (3 weeks-ish!!) and I’m excited as I’ll be spending it in Liverpool with my family and friends. It’ll be so great as I’ll be seeing some friends who I haven’t seen in over a year! So no panic for the big 3-0 – just excitement!

The first few hints that Spring is really here have started, but I’m just waiting for the weather to really warm up a little. I can’t wait to go hiking again and get outside for the next few months, but I need these grey days to go away for a while!

I’ve really been loving Instagram lately, so much more than ever. I’ve started posting a couple of outfit photos on there too, and coming out of my comfort zone a little! People have been lovely about this, so it’s less scary, phew! Make sure you’re following me on there because that’s where I’m most active these days, and where I update my day to day life stuff on Insta Stories 🙂


Anyway, I’m off to do a custom illustration for someone, so I better get to work! Have a great week guys!





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