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How To Be A Productive Blogger

11th March 2018


As well as running my own small business; I also work on this blog full time, plan future content, scout for contacts and collaborations, do around the clock promotion, and try to improve my photography/Photoshop skills constantly. All that as well as trying to reply to comments, engage with my audience, and just having a life – can be quite time consuming obviously. But there’s nothing I’d change about this, I love my job!

The key to my staying sane is making sure I’m as productive as I can be, in the time that I’m given. I’m not counting time off here guys, because this should be something you prioritise always. I’ve learned in the past year how much a day off helps my soul, so when I talk about being super productive; please understand I’m talking about when you ARE having working days. Anywho, back to biz.

There are so many ways you can help your blog, push yourself, improve your skills and make sure your content is being seen. So today I thought about how I maximise my productivity, and make the most of every opportunity to improve my blog; and I thought I’d share it with you guys!


5 Basic Tips To Be a Productive Blogger:


1. Plan ideas & a loose schedule

Planning is key! It sounds really obvious, but planning my content for the month ahead helps endlessly. Think about the type of blog posts you want to feature; a life update? A beauty review? An outfit post? whatever sort of content you love most, pop it on a spreadsheet or calendar throughout the month, so that you can visually SEE what you have coming up. I recommend using post it notes if you go for a calendar, because then you can still move things about and reschedule them however you may wish (the less pressure the better). Once you know what posts you have coming up, you can prep them in bulk and save yourself so much messing about! If you need inspiration for blog ideas, I have 45 Lifestyle Post Ideas here.

2. Take batches of photographs

Last year, photography was my favourite thing about putting together a blog post. But this year I’ve found it annoying me, preferring to get straight to the writing. This is okay, I go through moods, and taking photos in bulk helps me a lot! I set up a table to use, get my rolls of paper out, set up my photography lights, get all my blog props out, and then the main focus of whatever it is I’m shooting. Doing this every few days is SO boring, so I love taking all my photographs in bulk! I simply change the background and props, and shoot loads! It’s a great way to take advantage of a good lighting day too. If you also pick your favourites and edit them all too, you’ll be so happy knowing you have all your photography lined up for your next month of content!

3. Make the most of every opportunity

Sometimes we will lack ideas for blog posts, and we will keep putting things off until ‘tomorrow’; but the best thing you can do for yourself is really take advantage of every moment you have free to blog. Whether it’s making notes while you’re out and an idea hits you, or forcing yourself to sit at your desk and start writing – it all helps! I’ve found that sometimes I tell myself if I just do ONE paragraph, it’ll be enough – and I nearly always do more anyway, which means I’ve been productive still. If you don’t feel like writing, you can still be productive by tweaking other things; fixing broken links, updating old posts, changing your design, updating your ‘About Me’ page, etc. 

4. Promote, promote, promote!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ll visit some of my favourite blogs to find some AMAZING content; to then see they didn’t promote this at all on social media (or they simply tweeted the link once!). It’s such a shame, people are missing out on your content if you don’t share it! I don’t press publish on a blog post unless I know I’m going to take some time to promote it; otherwise, what’s the point? Once a post of mine goes live, I’ll schedule tweets promoting it that same day (multiple times, every 2 hours or so), I’ll also feature it on my Instagram, and post it to my Facebook page. You don’t have to have these all go out at the same time, staggering them can be better; but still, make sure you have promotion going out! Don’t be scared of showing off your content.

5. Update socials

As well as creating all this blog content, promoting yourself, and tweaking your blog to be the best it can be; you can also do yourself a massive favour by putting YOURSELF out there on social media. What I mean by this is sharing your personality on socials, so people can get to know you, as well as your content. Most of the blogs I read, I discovered because I happened to get talking to them on Twitter, or I happened to see something nice on their Instagram, etc. I love getting to know the person behind the blog, and I definitely think it pulls in more of an audience. So don’t just promote your blog; tell people what you’re doing that day, share a photo, compliment someone, ask for opinions on things…. just ENGAGE.


Other random tips:

I use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets around the clock; it’s free, limitless, and you can also check messages and notifications on there (for multiple accounts).

Don’t stress if you don’t have a DSLR, I take a lot of my photographs on my phone these days. Simply use good lighting and a great app (I love VSCO, Snapseed and Color Story).

Check which type of blog posts are most popular with your readers, and try to use that knowledge to come up with even more content like this.

ALWAYS attach a photograph to promotional tweets for your blog. It’s so much more likely to get clicks and be noticed. I see people tweet about their new posts without photos and it KILLS ME (tad dramatic).

Add categories to your blog somewhere. People know what they like, and it can be SO useful for them to find their fave type of blog posts easily, and ensures they stick around binge reading.


If there are any other blog related posts you’d like to see from me, let me know in the comments!




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