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Making Friends In The Blogging World*

23rd March 2018

I’m four years into this blogging game, and I’ve made some amazing friendships over the years. From the moment I went to my very first event in Liverpool in 2014 and met Holly (who is one of my all time best friends in the world now!), to 2018 where my average day is spent messaging Helen and Lisa back and forth constantly or making plans with Corinna (best, best, best girls EVER. Again in the best friend category, even though I haven’t even MET Lisa yet!). Over these four years, there are loads of friendships with amazing people, all because of blogging. I cant name everyone sadly as I’d be here all day (that sounds so braggy), but there are some real gems out there.

But here’s the thing, it’s definitely always been HARD to make friends. Like, to establish that initial connection. I’ve gone to events alone where I’ve known absolutely NO ONE and I’ve been an anxious mess. It’s always ended up okay, I’ve got by with my winning personality (HA!) and sort of winged it. But it’s definitely a challenge.

For example, last year I moved 300 miles away from the place I’d always called home, in Liverpool, all the way down to Plymouth. Since then I’ve slowly started to make friends here, and I’ve been so, so lucky that Corinna has taken me under her wing and become such an amazing friend! But it was really scary for a while, and it would have been nice to have a way to make things slightly easier.

Enter, BLEET.

If you haven’t already heard all the excitement about Bleet; it’s an app created by the amazing Lucy for bloggers to find other bloggers in their local area. How amazing is that?! I can’t tell you how much this app would have been PERFECT for me last year. Instead of trawling Twitter and hoping to find someone even remotely near me down South, I could have used the app to see who is close by, and get to know them. It’s perfect for people wanting to partner up and find buddies to shoot photos with, go to events with, or simply make a new blog friend who ‘gets it’.

You simply join (find the pre-sign up here!), add your blog details and location, filter through bloggers in your local area, and get chatting away to them! MAGIC. To get verified on the pre-sign up you need to include your blog/Youtube/Instagram link, and verify your email address, just a note! 

The app is in the process of being made, and will be launched this year! It’s going to totally change our blogging community, and make it actually FEEL like more of a community. It’ll be the new way to forge genuine friendships, find people with similar interests, and just make this whole ‘meeting people thing’ a little easier. 

There’s a Crowdfunder page meaning YOU can help bring this community to life, and get your foot in the door now on the next big thing. You can also keep up to date with new developments by following Bleet on Twitter too! 

Making new friends can be a right pain in the arse, let’s be honest! But with Bleet it doesn’t have to be. It’ll be so exciting to move the blogging world to the next level, and create a hub of friendships without feeling awkward!

The best thing to come out of this blog the past few years, has been all the friendships I’ve made. I can’t wait to make more, and fill my life with even more lovely gems!




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