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Primark Makeup Haul

10th March 2018

I’ve seen Primark everywhere lately; people showing off new releases and awesome finds all over Instagram, blogs and Twitter. It seems to have really taken over a lot of the beauty blogging world at the moment, and it’s pretty awesome that such a bargain brand has branched out into so many new products.

I’ve especially noticed a lot of people banging on about the new ‘Nudes’ range from Primark, claiming it to be beautiful quality for such a low price. I decided to pick up one or two things myself to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype.

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the Metallic Eye Cream in ‘Day dream’ for £2. This comes in a small pot containing 6g of product, and is such a beautiful, creamy texture. This particular shade is a glowing rose gold which is truly stunning. I found this really easy to apply and blend, and was so impressed with it’s quality! The staying power might not be as truly wonderful as some high end cream eyeshadows I’ve tried, but it’s definitely pretty good, especially for just £2.

The next thing on my ‘had to buy‘ list was a set of four liquid lipsticks, included two matte lip creams and two high shine lip glosses. I like to alternate between matte and gloss products, so this is perfect for me. There is one dark, warm toned matte, two lighter toned products (one matte, one glossy) and then the ultra glossy, super shiny glitter lip gloss. This glittery gloss was probably my favourite, because you know I love anything shiny! The shade is a peachy, gold which is REALLY eye catching; so it might not be for the faint hearted. I absolutely love all the products though; none of them felt too drying, or sticky, and all lasted really well throughout the day. I can’t find this particular set on the Primark website, and I stupidly threw the packaging away (sorry!) but I’m pretty sure this set was around the £4 mark.

I also decided to pick up one of Primark’s Insta Girl Lipsticks too, just because they all looked so pretty. This one is called ‘Muse’ and is a beautiful satin matte mauve shade; which is probably my favourite type of nude! It’s flattering, soft on the lips, easy to apply, and is only £2.50. I don’t think this lasted quite as well as the liquid lipsticks for me, but I still love it. It’s such a great creamy formula, and I’m pretty much in love with the shade.

Before leaving, I also decided to pick up an eyeshadow palette, since Primark have so many to choose from now! I went for the ‘After Party’ Palette which consists of nine shades including a turquoise, two purples, a cool lavender, deep royal blue, greys, black and iridescent white. Each shade is a shimmer and looks so pretty in direct light. The pigmentation is pretty good for such a small price of £4.50, so I was very impressed. It was easy to apply and didn’t crease or wear off within a few hours. My favourite must-use shades are the lavender, white and black.

Overall I’m really happy to see such great quality from an affordable, cruelty free brand on the high street. It’s amazing to have such a wonderful range of options, whether you’re more daring with your makeup or subtle. I love how Primark’s beauty range is growing more and more, and I’ll definitely be trying out new things all the time!

Have you guys tried anything from Primark beauty yet?





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