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Truffle Shuffle Goodies

28th May 2018

Lately I’ve been trying to restrict my spending, and cut out anything unnecessary. It’s not that I’m a big wasteful spender anyway, I think it’s just that since I’ve become pregnant; I’ve wanted to be extra responsible and only buy things for the baby, and prepare for our new chapter which will start at the end of this year.

However this has meant I’ve not treated myself to anything cute, no fun accessories, no shopping the latest cute wrap dresses (they’re everywhere and I love ’em), and no teasing myself with online shopping.

So when the folks at Truffle Shuffle got in touch asking if I’d like to try a few of their items, I squealed! They have everything ranging from clothing, homeware, accessories, collectables and toys. They specialise is representing so many of my favourite things as a fangirl, like Disney, TV/movie merch, retro games, and so much more. I found myself browsing their site for ages before I could finally choose!

The first thing I decided on was this David Bowie tee*. It comes in a peach/pink shade, with an iconic Bowie image on the front, and is made from a really soft and comfortable cotton. I’m a huge Bowie fan, so I knew I had to have this. I’ve been wearing it with denim shorts or cute skirts since the weather has been so hot lately, and I’ve already had a few compliments on it!

Next up was something I just couldn’t RESIST. I didnt exactly need it, but I WANTED it so much! It’s the Moomins ‘Welcome To MoominValley’ Metal Sign*. I can’t even tell you how much I love the Moomins. I grew up watching them so much it gave me a nickname that stuck (no I won’t be sharing it), and my love has never wavered. Even now I could happily stick the episodes on and waste a few hours, allowing nostalgia to take over. This metal sign will be the perfect addition to the baby’s room too! After all, I’ll have to make sure my little one is a fan too, won’t I?!

And finally, the bag of dreams! The adorable, sugary sweet, 90’s throwback I didn’t know I needed until now. The Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Bag*. This might be my absolute favourite of the bunch, and it feels so extra special! I just know I’m going to treasure this and wear it constantly. I was obsessed with Polly Pocket growing up, and it feels so nice to have a grown up, pretty accessory to remind me of my childhood. It’s super girly, and super me! The inside lining is a print replicating the inside of a PP toy too, its so sweet!


Have you guys ever shopped at Truffle Shuffle before? 🙂




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