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5 Mini Goals For June

1st June 2018

We’re halfway through the year, eek! It’s crazy how quickly it’s gone, and for me personally; how many changes have already happened in my life. After a few months of hardly blogging, or hardly doing much at all really; I’m ready to get back into things properly, and get life in order a little!

So I thought I’d share my 5 Mini Goals for June:


1. Plan my content

I’ve been totally winging my blog and Instagram content for like 3 months now, and I hope to change this! I used to love taking carefully planned photographs, editing them and planning out my Instagram content perfectly. Likewise, I’d spend hours writing for my blog, planning my schedule and obsessing over stats (in a nice way). Since becoming pregnant however, I’ve let everything slip. It’s not that my passion has gone at all, it’s just I’ve been too sick and exhausted. But now that I’m starting to slowly feel more like myself, I want to get back into things! Fingers crossed.

2. Start buying maternity clothes

It’s time to face facts, I need more clothes. I begrudge buying them really, as it’ll only be for a few months, and then I won’t need them again. I’m only coming up to 4 months gone, but I can already feel my stomach jutting out in a bump that’s hard to the touch. This is fine with the clothes I have that are already a little baggy, but there’s a hell of a lot of clothing that now feels a bit too tight or uncomfortable. Even if they look fine, I think I FEEL that I’m now taking up more room and I just feel a bit… mehh. So it’s time to give in and find some more clothes. I’ll need mostly Summer things, and maybe a few things to take me through Autumn; so if you guys have any suggestions (purse friendly!) I’d be so grateful.

3. Pamper myself often

I’ve felt like utter CRAP for months now, to be honest guys. I’m due some serious pampering, so I’m going to get my hair done soon, and make sure I pamper myself weekly. There’s nothing quite like being sick everyday to make you feel your absolute mingiest. I’ve felt like a real TROLL, so I think I deserve my nails done, eyelashes, new hair, the lot. Failing a magical transformation, I’ll make do with a face mask and Gary painting my toenails har har.

4. Launch all my new merch

I’ve been working away on lots of new exciting products for my Etsy shop, and I’m really hoping they go down well with you guys! I’ve got a collection of tote bags, pencils, pins, and I’m still working away on my (v rad and cool) colouring book! Every little purchase helps me out, as I’m trying my hardest to prepare for our baby and give us the best start with this scary new chapter. So keep an eye out on my shop for lots of new goodies!

5. Start transforming the baby’s room

Right now it’s a messy pile of baby paraphernalia, just stocked up and waiting for me to do something with them. We probably won’t paint and decorate the room quite yet (I’m thinking a rainbow/sky theme!), but we can start organising things at least, and making a list of things we need still. There’s no rush at all, but I’d love to at least make a little dent in the whole plan during the month of June. It’ll make me feel more prepared, and less scared!


Do you have any goals for June?





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