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25 Little Facts

14th July 2018

It’s been 2 weeks since my last blog post, yikes! I’ve really dropped the ball lately. However it’s not for lack of trying; I simply don’t have much energy lately. Whenever I do have a little burst of motivation I’ve tried to use it to work on Etsy products, or just look after myself a little bit. Pregnancy is rough. Well, mine is. So anyway, I’m finally back! But do be patient with me if I do need to take these little breaks please folks!

Today I thought I’d share 25 little facts about me, life lately, and what’s going on right now in my head in general. A fun way to check in with you guys, you could say. 


25 Little Facts

1. I’ve gone off all my favourite foods. Most foods in fact. I’m just reluctantly eating at things to get by.

2. It’s still hot here in Plymouth, and I’m still fuming.

3. Baby kicks every few hours now. It’s lovely, but yes let’s be honest it’s also REALLY WEIRD.

4. We have had to change the name we had lined up for our baby boy. Many reasons. We still love it, but we’ve chosen something else we love now instead. It’s unique, beautiful, and very hippie-ish. Haha. My mother will hate it. I’m THRILLED.

5. I’ve become re-addicted to playing Plants Vs Zombies. On my phone, on DS, on anything.

6. I’ve ran out of my favourite foundation so I want to cry (Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation).

7. I’ve had no real attention span lately, so I haven’t read anything in a while. I hope to change this soon.

8. Had a hair cut recently and my hair feels SO GOOD for it. There’s nothing quite like a fresh chop.

9. I’m singing away to Britney right now. Be thankful you can’t hear me.

10. I’ve never been as gross or as un-sexy as I am while pregnant. Just in how tired, sweaty and overall useless I am at the moment. But I do feel so proud of my body now. I’m not a bit self conscious at the moment. Does that make sense?

11. I bought a mustard woolly bobble hat this week, because it was super cute and I can’t wait for Autumn!

12. Some lovely friends and bloggers have already sent me some wonderful things for baby Mead! I’m so lucky to have such awesome pals!

13. Whenever I’m going through a rough time I like to remember the quote, ‘This too, shall pass.’ It gets me through shit.

14. I feel like I need to redo and reorganise the whole house, everything is annoying me! But I have no energy, wahhh.

15. I’m living in leggings and tees. WBU?

16. Eminem played in London this week, and I might have cried.

17. I’m still LOVING my green hair, it always feels like my natural colour, y’know? It’s like coming home.

18. I ordered more Instax film this week, YESSSSS. I’m gonna stock up and get all the cute snaps!

19. Also, I’ve set up this Amazon page which has a list of all my fave products – if you want shopping recommendations! I’ve got a baby list, beauty, home decor and more to come! It’s fun, and I thought it’d be helpful since I’m getting loads of questions asking where I’m picking up all these hella stylish baby clothes already.

20. I recently had my test for gestational diabetes (normal for preggies); and I don’t have it. YAY. I was so damn relieved guys.

21. I now have Placebo on, aka my fave band of all time. I’m so damn happy. Did you know I’ve seen these guys live 3 times? It’s not enough tbh. They make my heart burst.

22. The lovely Caitlin is coming to stay at ours in a few weeks, and I’m so so excited to see her!!! We’re gonna have so much fun. I’ll be sure to Insta it all.

23. Next year, we plan to completely gut and redo the garage into a little studio for me, and I couldn’t be happier! It’ll be wonderful to have a big space to paint and have completely dedicated to creating!

24. Donald Trump visiting the UK makes my skin crawl. I’m blaming him for the fact my skin has broke out this week.

25. I’m craving Nandos. That is all.



Tell me something about yourself, your week, or what you’re thinking RIGHT NOW? 🙂





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