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Diary Entry 7

26th July 2018

Hello again gang! πŸ™‚ 

I thought I’d check in and update you all on how things are going these days. The past week or so has been a really positive one for me, and I’m feeling great! Although my last blog post was a bit of a rant, I really appreciated all the fab feedback I got, and plenty of people reassured me they had felt the same with their pregnancy. Since then, I’ve felt like a weight has been lifted, and I’ve managed to have a good time creatively, with some strong motivation.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know I’ve painted a lot over the past week, and it’s felt SO GOOD to get my paintbrushes out again. Inspiration hit me for the first time in ages, and I enjoyed creating things purely for fun. I’ve even been lucky enough for one or two special folk to buy some of the creations I’ve made – which helps so much! So thank you for that. I don’t ever earn much, but it’s been enough to buy some more canvases and Art supplies that I needed to keep me going, and I’m so grateful. I love having painting as an outlet while I feel so heavily pregnant and useless, haha!

One of my favourite pieces has been this painting below, which I now have available as a print on my Etsy shop

So many people messaged me asking for it as a print, so I decided to make it happen! It’s available at a really low price, printed onto high quality matte paper – and will be supporting yours truly so much!


I’ve put my new motivation to good use recently too; by organising and tidying the whole house. I think my nesting phase is kicking in, because it’s made me want to sort EVERYTHING. Gary helped me clear cupboards, box up unwanted belongings for the charity shop (we gave them 3 huge boxes of things!), scrub every inch of the house, reorganise furniture, plan decor, clean carpets and basically make my little nesting soul happy. We have a long way to go before the baby is born, as not only do we need to paint the nursery and fill with the essentials; I also want to repaint old furniture for a new lease of life, repaint the living room, and create a gallery wall worthy for Instagram. Wish us luck!

We also have a visitor coming to stay this weekend – Caitlin! I haven’t seen her in the longest time, and she is very kindly driving 5 hours to come and visit me before she moves to Boston. I can’t wait to hang out with this gal, she always makes me laugh and it’ll be lovely to hang out.


I’ve realised how important this time is before the baby comes, and that we should use it well and enjoy this freedom while we can. Gary and I have been enjoying simple things that we usually take for granted, like going on dates, seeing movies, reading books uninterrupted, baking, spending all day doing nothing, painting, and just basically getting hella sleep! I also really can’t wait to see all my family and old friends in Liverpool when we visit in September.

Not much else happening here behind the scenes, just trying to navigate this pregnancy thing as best I can. Nausea is still an on and off daily thing, but it’s slightly better. I’ll be 23 weeks this weekend, which means there are only 17 weeks left (or less?!). 


Until next time! πŸ™‚





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