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How I Feel About The Future Of Blogging

20th August 2018

Oh right, one of those blog posts again is it?

There’s been a lot of think pieces going around the past few months about bloggers losing their interest, or the blogging game dying altogether – no hate, I’ve found these posts really interesting. But I thought it was about time I share my thoughts on this, y’know because obviously you’re all dying to know what I think *insert eyeroll here*.

Lemme start by saying; I feel pretty good about it! So there, this isn’t gonna be a negative post.

Sure, a lot of my favourite bloggers have stopped writing as much, or have disappeared altogether which sucks. But overall, I just feel like blogging has had a little clear out, which might not be all bad. Some of my favourites now simply share their lives, thoughts, hauls; over on Instagram – and that’s great! I do love Instagram so much, and it’s nice to get content in easy, bitesize chunks that you can easily catch up with on the bus, or while waiting a doctors waiting room (v helpful). I myself share loads of my daily life and updates on Instagram now, and I bloody love getting to connect with people on there, have proper chats, run polls, get opinions and feedback on Artwork, and just basically sharing all the little boring bits of my life. It’s fab.

But when I browse Twitter or my Bloglovin’ feed, I do see it’s much quieter on the old blog post front. I’m less likely to have hours worth of posts to catch up with, usually it’s a few a week now. 

But the great thing is, I see it as an opportunity for those of us who still have great love and passion for this blogging game; to shine bright! It shows our dedication and genuine love for writing, which can only be a good thing, right? And if we’re looking on the positive side of things, it simply means I treasure every post now from my favourite people more than ever. I try to cheer them on even more, and to show I appreciate the effort.

As for me personally; I feel like the pressure has been taken off. Long time readers will know that there was a time I published around 5 blog posts a week, which is a hell of a lot. Admittedly I never felt like I had to, I just had a lot to say (lol), but these days I post once or twice a week at most. To be honest this has slowed down mainly because of pregnancy, but my blogging schedule has definitely evolved too.

It makes me feel positive about the future, when baby is here. I can share blog posts still on whatever schedule (or lack of) that I like. I can be sporadic with it and take my time, and I feel like nobody expects anything different. It’s not the ‘norm’ anymore for every blogger to have a rigid schedule and pop out content like it’s a mad race. So I don’t feel like I’m the odd one out at going at my own pace. I feel like blogging is going to be my saviour when I’m on maternity leave and can’t do work, but the lack of expectations means I’ll only enjoy it, never feel pressured from it.


So yeah, we may be a little slower putting out posts, and there may be less of us still writing lengthy content on actual blogs rather than Instagram captions; but I feel pretty good about it and I’m definitely not letting this blog die anytime soon.

I feel very content in my own little blogging bubble, and I hope you guys are still enjoying reading these rambles. Because for now at least, I’m here to stay.


(But I mean if you do want daily updates and bitesize content, do feel free to follow me on the ‘gram!)




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