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Six Months Pregnant Update

17th August 2018

This weekend I’m 26 weeks pregnant, so baby has been cooking for pretty much 6 months now (how time flies!?!). I thought it would be nice to do a little update on how things have been, since you guys have really seemed to love all the baby updates so far! (Thank you!) πŸ™‚

I’m feeling SO, so much better these days, it’s almost like I feel like I did again before I was pregnant. The only differences being that I now have a very round belly that pops right out, and I feel much heavier. Getting out of bed in the morning, rolling over at night, and just bending down for anything now include gruff noises from me and a lot more effort! It’s really great to feel like myself again though, as I’m using this time well while I can. I’m creating lots of new products over on my Etsy shop, and I’ve set myself a goal to hit 3K sales before I go on maternity leave (please help me hit this??!). I feel really productive and motivated, and I want to make the most of this free time before baby comes.

I’ve been thinking ahead to that time, when baby is finally here; and I do think I’ll enjoy taking maternity leave. I’ll still be on social media I’m sure, and I’ll try to write a blog post here and there. But when it comes to WORK, I’ll definitely be taking time off, shutting down shop for a while, and enjoying my new role as a Mum. I’m very much a Type A person who needs to keep busy, and staying creative makes me happier than anything else; so I’m not proposing I simply feed and stare at baby all day, or else I suspect I’ll go mad. So I’ll still be painting, creating and organising things for when I open up shop again – just with no pressure. There won’t be anything that I HAVE TO DO in those first 2 or 3 months hopefully, and I can just use that time however works best for me. Plus, a couple of weeks after baby is here it’ll be Christmas, so I’m keen to enjoy it as a family relaxing.

As for baby’s progress, he seems to be doing well! He’s measuring a little bigger than average, but I’ve been told it’s fine and he’s doing great. I now feel him kicking and moving about every hour of the day, so he’s letting me know he’s okay. Gary loves feeling my tummy and feeling baby move about too. In fact, I’ve even gotten to the point that I just this week SAW my belly move when baby kicked! It was crazy. Gary didn’t catch this moment, so I hope he will soon.


We’ve made some big steps when it comes to preparing for his arrival too. We’ve cleared out the spare room and got rid of all the old junk, bought a huge set of chest of drawers to store all his little clothes, we have his moses basket in there, bouncer, play mats, some stuffed teddies, and boxes of essentials like nappies etc. Next week we finally paint the room (light grey), and then we will be putting up cloud wall stickers around the place, and adding his cute cloud shelves! I’ve ordered cloud curtains too! It won’t be all cloud themed though, I want lots of rainbow decor of course. So I’ll be adding rainbow bunting, blankets, art prints, night lights, etc. All those little fun pieces of decor that make it perfect. The only ‘big’ thing we have left to buy is the pram, which my Mum is kindly getting for us in a month or so. It’s nice to know we’ve already ticked off a massive load of things, as it stops me stressing!

This week full blown nesting seems to have really kicked in; as I’ve been cleaning and tidying like mad. Not just the normal stuff, but like the deep clean things you don’t think about very often! It feels nice tbh, which is crazy. Who’d have thought I’d enjoy cleaning?!

We also FINALLY met our midwife this week. We’ve missed her multiple times and ended up seeing strangers each time so far, simply by chance. So it was nice to finally meet her, and she assured me it would be her I see from now on which is good. Next time we have an appointment, I’m going to start asking about a birth plan, and going over all my worries. My biggest concern over anything else, is that Gary stay in the hospital with me. I’ve discharged myself from hospital in the past, even when I’ve been on a drip and could barely walk – because I simply get so so anxious in there on my own. So my biggest fear is them kicking him out at night, etc. So I need to ask about this. From what I’ve gathered from many, many people is that it depends on the hospital and their particular rules. However I’m that insistent, I’ll threaten to discharge myself if they try make Gary leave. Its the ONE thing I know I’ll need, and the only thing I won’t budge on. I’m happy to go with the flow for everything else, as long as he’s by my side. Seriously, I’m more scared of him having to leave me there, than the actual birth. But an ideal situation for me would be leaving hospital ASAP anyway. I’ve even considered a home birth because of it, and it is still something I might discuss with my midwife when we next meet.


But apart from that one worry, I’m doing fine! Things are positive and happy and exciting here in our little baby bubble, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Remember, you can keep up with my daily updates by following me on Instagram πŸ™‚

Thanks guys!




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