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5 Things That Make Me Happy

13th September 2018

Happiness is an elusive thing. Sometimes you wake up, and it’s simply there; making every moment seem lovely and warm, like a cosy blanket shouldering your mental state. Other times you have to chase it, and you try all your usual tricks, and it still just dances around the edges, not quite wanting to grace you with it’s presence. And unfortunately there are times when the idea of any happiness seems almost mystical and imagined, like you’re lost in a fog and it feels like you’ll never quite make your way out.

Luckily for me lately; I’m having much more good days than bad, and I’m feeling quite happy and content. I got thinking about what sort of things help to make me happy, and I thought I’d share some of the most prominent causes for my smiles lately!


1. Enjoying my changing body

Well that sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? But yeah, I’ve found myself really appreciating how my body has been changing throughout this whole pregnancy. I haven’t felt self conscious or worried about it, and I’ve actually felt a little in awe of what the female body can do. It’s weird and alien and crazy that there’s a little human inside me wriggling about, but I’m proud of it. I feel good in my own skin at the moment.

2. Nesting

I’m definitely in full nesting mode! I’ve been pushing Gary to sort all the decorating and heavy duty work on the baby’s room, while I clean and tidy and organise the hell out of our life. It feels good, and makes me feel better prepared for baby’s arrival! Mrs Hinch on Instagram has been AWESOME for this too (anyone else obsessed with her?!).

3. Good plans

Having things to look forward to helps my mental health so, so much. Whether big or small, having good things on the horizon feels bloody brilliant, tbh. I’m looking forward to visiting all my family and friends in Liverpool next week SO MUCH. I’m also looking forward to a little mini trip to Bristol with Gary in October, Autumnal DIY’s I want to try, trying new Artistic ventures, meeting our baby boy (obviously..) and having our first Christmas as a family together!

4. Regular work

Being self employed as an Artist/small biz owner and Blogger, means my pay is never regular. It’s often a struggle to be honest. But the past two weeks I’ve had regular work in! Agreements are in place for one or two sponsored posts (which I seriously hardly ever get), and I’ve had about 5 people book in for custom paintings lately – yay! This makes my heart happy. It keeps me productive, inspires and encourages me, and obviously helps me pay the bills.

5. Kindness from others

And finally, the kindness of others has really, really made me smile lately. Whether it’s a friend sending us a little gift for baby in the post, someone recommending me to a friend for Artwork, hanging out with lovely pals, or just people checking in with me and seeing how I’m doing – it’s all been amazing. Every little bit of kindness really means a lot to me, and there have been times over the past few months where I’ve truly needed it. So thank you!


What has made you guys smile lately? 🙂




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