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6 Ways I’m A Terrible Blogger

14th September 2018

I’ve been blogging since 2014, and I’m pretty proud of some of the things I’ve achieved so far. It’s something I still absolutely love, and I feel really good about how far I’ve come.

However, I thought it was about time I chat about about all the ways in which I’m a bit of a crap blogger! I’m hoping this might be a kick up the bum for me, to improve things slightly! Nothing feels better to me than when my blog is thriving, and I’m doing all I can for it. So here are the things I suck at, and which I hope to change…!


1. My Instagram isn’t ‘fancy’

Oh how I wish I had better photos! I want more candids, more of me out and about doing fun things, a more coherent theme, and I wish I made more of an effort to make my stories look ‘fancier’ using all those collage apps I have on my phone. I see other bloggers using photo overlays, awesome layouts for each story, and having something more interesting to share than daily life at home as a self employed Artist (even if that sounds interesting, it’s not!). There are a few things I can’t change, sure. But I can definitely make more of an effort! I hope to plan ahead more with my photographs, get friends to take cool shots of me, and try to offer something a little different. Fingers crossed…

2. I don’t keep to a schedule

I’ve never ever stuck to a schedule with my blog, and it’s never bothered me to be honest. However; I used to post everyday, or at least 5 times a week. Those days are long gone now that I update a lot of my daily life and thoughts on Instagram, so my blog has a post every now and again when I feel like it, or can find time. It’s nothing to do with passion, which is still very much there – but with focusing on other outlets I guess. I do want to change this though and ensure I have at least one post a week going up. I do think this is something I’ll be more likely to achieve when my maternity starts, and I close up my shop!

3. I don’t keep up with trends

Ahh how I wish I could! I don’t have much of a disposable income, and whatever is spare after bills? In all honesty I’m much more likely to treat Gary and I to a date night, or buy Art materials with it. However I’d bloody love to try all the fashion trends I admire on other bloggers, or keep up with the latest beauty launches! Let’s hope the beauty brands just keep me in mind for gifting eh? LOL.

4. I never go looking for opps

Ohhh my gosh, how I need to change this. I’ve had countless people over the years ask me how I make money on my blog, and the truth is sheer luck. Okay, NO. Not totally 100% luck, I mean, I’m putting the work in on my blog, trying to make it as good as possible. But in terms of getting out there and approaching brands, using influencer platforms, or finding Facebook groups for opps? Man, I suck. I never, ever approach brands myself. I have signed up to two platforms looking for blog work – Brand New (the one that recently shut down), where I basically signed up and let them find me – and then the ‘Tribe’ app, which I NEVER EVER check. I have this app on my phone and I think I last checked it a month ago, oh my word. I do need to change this. Because I believe in my blog, its won awards! I work hard, and I think I offer something special here – YOU GUYS! Because I have an awesome audience, and I reckon brands should be tapping into that. But yeah, terrible blogger.

5. I forget to get photos

Yep, this is sad but true. I used to be so much better at this, and I suspect it’s since getting pregnant I’ve let this slip. I forget to get those ‘food shots’ in restaurants. I forget to ask Gary to get a snap when I’m wearing cute outfits. I forget to take photos when we have days out – as I’m too busy enjoying it. Now this is great, and I don’t regret that obviously. But I do hope I can start to remember again to just stop for ONE second to get a quick snap!

6. I’m no good with the tech side

True. Someone else moved my blog onto WordPress (and told me how to use it). Gary sorted all my hosting and domain stuff. Gary sorts all my taxes since they all need to be done by me as a self employed gal. Anything even remotely techy I’m terrible with. It gives me a headache just looking at my statistics to be honest. I just want to CREATE dammit! 


So there you have it guys. I hope this makes all you sassy/put together/organised bloggers feel so much better about yourselves! You’re doing brilliantly in comparison I’m sure! 🙂




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