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Getting Creative At Home With Snapfish*

19th October 2018

Lately I’ve been going around our home bit by bit, trying to restyle and jazz up each area to look extra special and especially cool. Whether it’s a big job like totally redoing the spare room (which is now baby’s room!), or tweaking our dining area so it’s more inviting; it’s so much fun and makes this house feel more like home.

I was recently contacted by Snapfish* asking me if I’d like to try out some of their products, and I jumped at the chance! This was the PERFECT time to use their huge range of products to add a little personality in our home, and I already had the perfect idea (PLUS there’s a discount code for you guys!!). They kindly sent me a code I could use to order my items, and so I got to work browsing my options.

I had started to update our living room for the new season, and there was one particular area that looked totally bare and boring, like an afterthought (shown in the photo above!). So I decided this was what I’d like to concentrate on with a few small pieces to make this more inviting.

After browsing the Snapfish website, it made me realise just how many options I had. I knew they offered beautiful prints in a variety of mediums, as I’ve ordered before from them. However I now realise they specialise in wonderful customisable gifts and pieces such as mugs, calendars, photo books, blankets, cushions, stationery, phone cases and SO much more. I had so much choice, and the process of ordering and tailoring everything to your needs was so incredibly easy. You can upload photos from your computer, phone, Instagram, Google or Facebook!

I decided I needed some cushions for that sad, empty looking chair, and something to start filling up the wall. I went through my portfolio of my own paintings, and chose one of my favourites for a cushion design – for the ultimate unique and perfect addition! I LOVE that I can have my artwork created into something so special like this, and it makes such a change to use my Art in this way, rather than simply displaying a piece of work. I also created a design using Snapfish’s handy online design tool; the embellishment section being particularly helpful to bring a design together! You can browse pre-set backgrounds, templates, text and more. I decided to create a pretty star/astrological design, and putting in some special initials in the middle of the cushion. I went with ‘J G R’ – For me, Jemma, Gary, and R – for baby! (Not long now until he’s here and I can reveal the name!). I absolutely LOVE this, as it’s the first little sign you see in the home of us becoming a little family of three.

Next up, I wanted to start our gallery wall; so I chose a favourite photo of Gary and I from when we announced we were having a baby boy (and the green colours really went well with the theme I’m going for!). I knew I wanted this to stand out from anything else, so I got this printed onto a beautiful slim canvas to make it extra unique. It was really easy to see how the final look would be, and decide how to lay things out.

Delivery was quick and easy, and I found each product was made to the highest quality. Each cushion was a generous size, really plump and soft in texture. The canvas was well protected for safe shipping, and so easy to hang up!

I love how just a few simple pieces really helped change this little space, and make it look so much more stylish and inviting.

I think I might now be addicted to Snapfish, because I’ve already ordered some of my Artwork onto another cushion for the bedroom (keep an eye on my Instagram, I’ll share this when it arrives!), and I’m eyeing up a bunch of their square prints to start a little collage project.

The most refreshing thing about trying out Snapfish was that they make it really easy, and actively encourage you to get creative! This isn’t just based on printing photos to go in an album and sit there being wasted. This is about bringing pieces to life, making someone really smile with a thoughtful gift, or rejuvenating your home with a personal touch – all done at budget friendly prices! I’m SO thrilled I got to be a part of this!


So with that in mind, I wanted to share some more ideas I have for you guys to get involved too! Even better, get 40% OFF EVERYTHING until 31/12/18 with the code: ‘CRAFTY40′.


5 Ways You Can DIY With Snapfish:

  1. Get a photo cushion made of your children’s Artwork
    Sticking pictures to the fridge is all well and good, but how COOL would it be to choose one of your little ones best drawings, to display in your home on a cute cushion? Even if it doesn’t quite go in your living room, you can show them how much you treasure their work by letting them keep it in their own room – and it’ll also show them how being creative can be so fun! There’s no limit to what their imagination can do!
  2. Make this Christmas personal
    Why not grab your favourite photo of you and your partner/the kids/the dog – whatever! And get it made into a fun selection of Christmas cards to send out this year? It makes SUCH a nice difference from the standard multi-pack from the supermarket, and it’ll really make people smile!
  3. Start a scrapbook
    As many of you know; I love stationery and being creative, so a chance to combine both with treasured memories is a winner all round! Printing your fave photos is so easy with Snapfish, and I reckon the square fit photos are best for this project. Check out scrapbooks on Pinterest for inspiration, but I think it’s awesome to stick with a particular theme (birthdays, Christmas, a specific age, etc!). Indulge in glitter, stickers, ribbon, little mementos and whatever else you fancy; it’ll really make the whole book unique and something you’ll LOVE.
  4. Make your own notebooks
    There are so many options on Snapfish for getting creative, and making your own customised notebooks is such a great idea for any stationery lover like myself. Remember, you don’t even have to use photos! I love uploading my artwork and having a personal planner or diary covered in my own design to really motivate me daily. So paint something, collage, draw, or design on your computer; something you’d be proud to see on your very own unique notebook!
  5. Treat your pet!
    If you’re like me; you have a fur baby who has their own special blanket (yep, really) and is utterly spoiled. If you want to treat them even more and really make them feel part of the family; why not get them a special blanket made with their own face on?! Let’s be honest, it’ll be super cute and something you’ll treasure anyway; and your little fur baby gets a new gift too! AMAZING.


Thank you SO much to Snapfish for allowing me to try their service, and I really hope you guys will share with me your own creations. Have fun! 



*Sponsored by Snapfish




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