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Making Halloween Extra Special*

13th October 2018

October is my favourite month of the year, and a big part of that is because of Halloween. I’ve LOVED Halloween ever since I was little, dressing up as a witch (v basic), trick or treating with friends, watching scary movies, and devouring way too much chocolate of course. As I got older; trick or treating turned into nights out in clubs, chocolate turned into shots, my witch outfit changed to very eccentric and much more ambitious costumes, and I’m now the one answering the door to trick or treaters. I do however still LOVE me a good thriller though (the new Halloween movie comes out next week and you better believe I’m going to see it immediately!!).

Halloween is fun, basically. No matter who you are or what you’re doing; you can really get into the spirit (hehe) and make it a great holiday.

So today I wanted to share all the ways I’d recommend celebrating, to make this Halloween extra special!


1. Decorate

The first (and most fun!) thing I love doing in October is making my space very Halloween-esque. Whether you have a whole house to decorate, or just your bedroom; you can make it extra spooky and fun. Find some cute bat bunting to hang, pop some mini pumpkins everywhere, hang some fake ghosts up, and get yourself some pretty fairy lights! I love these amazing curtain lights from Festive Lights* to make a truly impressive impression.

2. Indulge

If there’s ever a time for sweet treats, this is it! Make up a bowl of goodies to leave on display and snack away at; your kids/housemates/family will love you for it! If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, why not bake some Halloween themed cookies or a pumpkin inspired cake? There are so many ways you can enjoy a special treat over Halloween without knocking on doors trick or treating 😉

3. Dress up

This ones not for everyone, but I personally love any excuse to dress up! You could go all out and get an amazing costume, DIY yourself a fun one, or even just wear something slightly spooky-themed! I have a couple of Halloween themed jumpers and dresses, so that even doing my everyday things I can get in the spirit!

4. Do a special makeup look

SO. MUCH. FUN. I’m addicted to watching cool tutorials from talented beauty vloggers, and watching them transform themselves. Although I’m nowhere near that good, I do enjoy trying! Even if you just do a bit of a smokey eye and add some glitter, you can feel gorgeously ghoulish! So have fun with it, and share your looks on Instagram.

5. Have a movie night

My favourite thing to do with Gary around this time of year, by far! My favourites are the Scream and Halloween movies, I’ve always thought Michael Myers was the greatest killer. If you’re not one for really scary movies, you can keep things tame by watching Hocus Pocus, Casper, Practical Magic or Ghostbusters!

6. Get carving

Carving pumpkins is so much fun, and the ideal way to get away from a screen for a bit too. I’m actually really crap at carving, but I give it a good go anyway! You could also paint and glitter different pumpkins for a glitzier (and easier!) look. Make it a household competition, best pumpkin wins a prize!

7. Get out there

If you’re not one for going out in costumes drinking with friends, and you’re way too old to trick or treat; there are still loads of ways you can get out and enjoy this holiday. Check out whats happening in your local area; there’s usually loads of choice! Whether it be an outdoor cinema showing, a Halloween themed fair or market stalls, pumpkin trails and ghost hunts, and so much more! There is bound to be something, so get out and enjoy!

8. Get the kids involved

If you have small children, or little ones you want to entertain around this time; there are a variety of ways you can do so. Use the Halloween countdown Calendar from Festive Lights*, paint and draw some spooky themed Art, craft some bats to hang from the ceiling, get them involved with baking cupcakes, experiment with face paint, or make a Halloween themed treasure hunt for them! We did all these things as kids, and I absolutely loved it. It helped make the holiday so special for me, and the reason I love it so much today.


Have fun guys!






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