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Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit

21st October 2018

As a full time Artist and all round creative person; I can often be found covered in paint, messy, and with ghastly looking nails if I’m honest. As much as I love feeling girly and feminine, and want pretty nails; I always seem to chip or smudge polish quickly, or ruin it with my creative work.

So when I got the chance to try out the Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit* £59.99 (gifted), I was a little intrigued. I’ve always wanted to try gel nails, but just never really gotten around to it. It seemed like it was the perfect time to try it though, as I’d just had acrylic nails done for the first time by my friend Corinna, who recently trained in an acrylic nail course, woo! So since I had nice long(er) nails for once, I thought I’d give the kit a go.

Included in the kit is; the gel LED lamp, gel Cleanser, peel off base coat, no wipe top coat, 2 different coloured gel polishes (raspberry wine and dizzy daisy for me!), lint free wipes, a double sided nail file, and a manicure stick. I was also kindly sent additional gel shades; pink chiffon, fuchsia fireworks, and periwinkle pixiedust. 

The best thing about this kit was how easy it was to use for a complete newbie like myself! It gave step by step instructions on how to prep your nails and use each product, and what each piece was for and how it works. I was really impressed by the salon quality of this kit, and the fun I could have with it from the comfort of my own home.

I decided I wanted really girly, princess nails for once; so I chose to use the pink chiffon shade and also add in a little sparkle from one of the many glitter pots I own. I did leave one nail without the glitter to begin with, just using the pink gel polish, because I wanted to test how the base coat helps with the ‘peel off’ if and when needed. After getting my nails absolutely perfect, I left them for a few hours before trying to peel off the colour (on the one finger I’d not covered with glitter). It came away so easy, and left my nail underneath smooth and undamaged. It was SO much easier than scrubbing or soaking the polish away.

I then replaced the colour and glitter on that nail, and have been wearing them like this ever since. I’ve had so many compliments on my nails, and it’s incredible what a difference it can make to your overall appearance and confidence. I feel so feminine for once! As for keeping them neat, I needn’t worry. Gel nails are SO much more durable, strong and much better quality than regular polish. They still look absolutely perfect after a few days, and according to the kit they should last well for two weeks or more! I’ve definitely converted now, and will be building up my gel collection over time.

Thank you so much to Sensationail for allowing me to try this kit, I’m so pleased with it!

Have you guys tried gel nails? 🙂




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