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10 TV Shows I Never Tire Of Watching

5th November 2018

Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons for staying indoors, binge watching your fave shows and devouring as much hot chocolate as possible. In fact, as I write this the rain is heavily hitting my window and making me feel extra cosy on the sofa in a blanket. 

Of course I’d love to suggest a good book for you guys, or ways in which you can get creative during the colder months at home (actually, I’ve done that here!). But let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like plonking yourself down at the end of the day and watching your fave TV show is there? It’s easy, quick and comforting.


I thought today I’d share ten of my personal favourites, in case you want a recommendation. I’m probably going to be binge watching a few of these on my maternity leave too!

10 TV Shows I Never Tire Of Watching


1. The Office

I love both the US and UK version, but the US is where it’s at. Michael Scott, Jim, Pam and Dwight are things of legends; and this show has me laughing, crying and horrified every single time I re-watch it. If you have never heard of it (seriously?!); it’s a ‘mockumentary’ style TV show, where camera men follow the everyday lives of some office workers. You’ll become more involved with Jim and Pam’s longing looks, and Dwight and Michael’s ridiculousness with each episode. Nine whole seasons of this absolute beauty, it’ll be sure to keep you going for a while. 

2. Parks and Recreation

Another ‘mockumentary’ style show, and one that I never thought I’d love before I watched it – boy was I wrong! I fell head over heels for this show, and it only got better and better with each season (really). It follows Leslie Knope, a mid-level government employee working in a Parks and Rec department; trying to make her city a better place. I don’t think the first episode does it justice, but it quickly gets into the swing of things. I love absolutely EVERY character in this show, they are so well written, unique and funny; it’ll make you want to be there working with them. 

3. Criminal Minds

One of my all time favourite shows, maybe even FAVE (its between this and Greys). It follows a team of savvy FBI agents working within the BAU, studying the mind of the criminals they hunt. I’m totally in love with Matthew Gray Gubler so Spencer is obviously my fave character, but the whole show is just awesome. If you like any sort of crime drama/solving of crimes; you’ll love this.

4. Greys Anatomy

Ahh Greys, you never let me down. Still going strong after fifteen seasons, and I’m still obsessed. Meredith Grey is a hero of mine and watching her character develop and change is fascinating. Christina Yang will always be my favourite, but the whole cast is phenomenal. It’s a show following surgeons within a hospital, and all the drama that entails. Okay no, admittedly there is MUCH more drama than your typical hospital would see (bombs! Shootings! Place crashes!!); but it’s written SO, so well. Greys can make me cheer, laugh, and cry. Oh the crying…

5. Luther

Oh my word, Luther. Idris Elba is just, WOW. If you love British crime procedurals, then why haven’t you watched this?! you’ll notice that this is actually the only British show on this list too. It’s not that I don’t like any Brit TV (big love for Gavin and Stacey and Sherlock!) – but the Americans are usually my fave. However Luther comes out on top for the flawed, risky, detective who you want to see win over the bad guys. His presence on screen is mesmerising, and each episode is a new adventure with the rogue John Luther.

6. Gilmore Girls

I definitely came to the party late with this one. Gary and I decided to watch Gilmore Girls in… I thiiink 2015? Of course it had been and gone years before that, and was even planning it’s big revival series by the time we got to it, but thankfully we did! The small town, cheesy vibes did nothing to appeal to me; so I really didn’t see myself liking this one (in fact I think I rolled my eyes at friends who used to watch this as a teen). HOWEVER, Gilmore Girls did something to me. I fell in love with it bit by bit, and now it’s one of those shows that comforts me whenever I rewatch it. Come for Luke and Lorelai’s flirty back and forth, stay for Jess’s cheeky charm, and by god; cheer for Emily Gilmore. She’s a bitch who somehow makes you LOVE HER over time. Anyway, this is a good show, go watch it.

7. Broad City

Not enough people watch this!! In fact, apart from Gary; I can’t actually name anyone else I know who has even seen this. Sure if I asked on Twitter I’d find some other Abbi and Ilana fans; but this show is seriously underrated still! It’s set in New York city, following two best friends who couldn’t be more different personality wise; but who have the greatest friendship ever. It’s weird, it’s hilarious, it’s feminist, it’s in your face, it’s a bit rude and a but quirky; and god damn I love every second. 

8. Brooklyn 99

This is another show I watched on a whim, and I’m SO grateful that I did. I never liked Andy Samberg before I watched B99; I thought he was a bit ‘silly’ and that’s not really my thing. However I now adore him, and the whole cast of Brooklyn 99 as a whole. It’s set in a police department in NYC, and is filled with weird and wonderful characters. It’s incredibly diverse which makes a huge change for such a show, and will have you laughing with every episode. Fave characters? Holt, Gina and Rosa.

9. How I Met Your Mother

This show is BIG. Big laughs, big moments, big feelz. It astounds me when people say they haven’t watched this, because I truly think it’s one of the greatest TV shows to come out the last 10 years; seriously. It’s clever, it rewards longtime fans with in jokes, it keeps you hooked, and it’ll make you see your own life in a whole new way. PLEASE, for the love of god watch this show. It can make me laugh so hard I choke on my drink, and make me cry so hard I can’t see through the tears (No spoilers, but the saddest moments that stick with me are; Marshall’s Dad, when Lily talks about how hard it is being a Mom, and when Ted talks about those 45 days. SOB).

10. Bobs Burgers

Bob’s burgers is such a fun, feel good cartoon that never fails to lighten my day. Following the Belcher family trying to run a business and navigate everyday life is a joy. Tina is my hero and there are some absolute epic one liners in this show that stick with me always. They never quite come out on top, but you’ll cheer for this weird family anyway.


NOW, tell me your all time faves that I NEED to watch while on this maternity leave?!




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