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35 Instagram Story Ideas

9th November 2018

Instagram stories feels like it’s been around FOREVER now (to me anyway), when in fact it’s still relatively new. But the fact is, a lot of creators are now using Instagram to share their daily life, ‘vlog-like’ snippets, and whatever else they fancy. I know for me personally, it’s now my absolute favourite platform, and using the stories option makes me feel more connected with my followers, and I have so much fun with it!

I understand it can be tricky to know what to share on there though, especially if you’re not used to it. I say share anything you like! There are no rules, and each person can make it their own, just like their photo feed. But if you do want some helpful suggestions, I’ve put together a little list for you.



35 Instagram Story Ideas

  1. Your breakfast! Start off the day by sharing what you’re munching on, or keep it going and share each meal if you fancy. ‘What I eat in a day’ style content is always popular, as people are so nosey!
  2. Your plans/goals for the day. I love sharing these, as it motivates me! And it’s so nice to see what others have going on, even if it’s just household chores.
  3. Fill in some fun templates! Loads of people make template questionnaires for Insta stories now, and a quick google will find you so many! It’s a great way for people to get to know you better too.
  4. Share your makeup collection! I love seeing how people organise theirs.
  5. A tour of your home; show us where you live! (Okay, no specific details though, obv…)
  6. A mini tutorial on something you’re good at?
  7. Share tips on something everyday; there’s a reason Mrs Hinch is so popular!
  8. Go through your wardrobe and put together an outfit step by step with us!
  9. Vlog while going about your day, sharing little snippets every hour.
  10. List the things making you smile this week.
  11. Recommend a book, movie or TV show you’re into.
  12. Put some fun polls on your stories and let people vote for things.
  13. Let people ask you things with the questions feature.
  14. Share old photographs of you as a kid!
  15. Shoutout your fave other Instagrammers.
  16. Got a new blog post? Pop a sneak peek on your stories.
  17. Got any creative hobbies? Share your process step by step.
  18. Put together a meal, showing each step with ingredients to let your followers recreate it!
  19. Tell us your favourite things that have happened this week/month.
  20. Tell us something we don’t know about you.
  21. Show your work space!
  22. List things that are inspiring you right now.
  23. Share your skincare routine, and why it works for you.
  24. Share a life lesson you’ve learned with your audience.
  25. Tell us your favourite inspiring quotes.
  26. Promote yourself! Sell anything? Got a brand/product you’re working on? Tell us all about it.
  27. Do something kind each day and share it on stories.
  28. Suggest a Spotify playlist for doing household chores to/working to/dancing to!
  29. List your favourite podcasts.
  30. Take photos of your favourite places/people/things & share them all with us.
  31. Introduce your pets!
  32. If you use a planner, share it with us! Especially if you can give tips on how to stay organised.
  33. Show your progress on something with a before and after, or a flashback to an earlier stage.
  34. Share a selfie! Make it different than the norm somehow, and add something about yourself to the image.
  35. Laugh at yourself! People don’t always want ‘perfection’. Get real and tell us something you’ve failed at.


I’d love to know what sort of content YOU love seeing on Instagram stories, so be sure to share your fave things in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚





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