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Getting My Mojo Back

4th November 2018

It’s only been one week since I shut down my Etsy shop, finished up all deadlines, and said ‘goodbye’ to anything remotely resembling work; and already it feels AMAZING. That’s not to say I’m a lazy sod who hates work, quite the opposite if I’m honest. I’ve always been really ambitious, a bit of a workaholic, and never found too far from a to-do list. However my current state of euphoria probably says a lot about how much I really, really needed this break.

It’s something I had to do without a choice, as my baby boy is due to make his arrival in 3 weeks now; and I can’t exactly have outstanding work if he makes his entrance into the world early. But forcing this break upon myself is the best thing that could have happened for my motivation, creativity and probably my sanity, to be honest.

In this short week already, I’ve found myself waking up each day with a renewed inspiration to try something new, explore ideas and projects, and put plans in place for the future. I mean, I’ve also been waking with terrible backache and a foot in the ribs most days, but I think at 37 weeks pregnant that’s to be expected. 

Going on maternity leave and being off, like REALLY OFF – has made me realise how long it’s been since I last had a break. The truth is I can’t quite remember exactly, that’s how long ago it was. I remember last Christmas I closed my shop for around 5 days; but even then I was packing and sending orders in that time, finishing up custom work for people, and planning new content. Likewise, any time I’ve gone to visit my family in Liverpool; the laptop has come with me, and the to-do list has still been very active. So to now have this real time off, where I’ve literally got NOTHING I need to do, feels so strange! A wonderful kind of strange though.

Now the thing is, this bliss might only last a moment since I’m due to be a mother any minute now. This might be the only real chance I get for a while to just be myself, and explore this new freedom. I’m well aware that life is on the precipice of a huge change, so I’m enjoying this bubble of motivation and creativity while I can.

Maybe once I’m in a good routine with baby boy, I’ll continue to enjoy this burst of inspiration (if I’m really lucky!?). OR maybe I’m jinxing the whole thing, and even if I had plenty of free time, I’d hate it and find myself going mad with the lack of challenges and deadlines. Who knows? After all, I’m on maternity leave until late July, which is quite a while really.

But the point is, I’m happy.
I’m doing really well right now, and I feel SO GOOD (again, apart from these feet in my ribs!).

As the quote goes,

“As work is important for your survival, so is rest for a peaceful mind.”




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