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22nd January 2019

When January rolls around most of us feel a little jaded. The months of short days and cold winds, too much central heating, too much coffee and alcohol and junk foods can leave us feeling worn out – inside and out. Our skin can look dull and lifeless and we just…lack that get up and go.

For many of us, the go-to fix is a spa weekend or a new moisturiser but this isn’t a real solution. It can also be very expensive, unless someone was generous enough to buy us one or both of these treats for Christmas, of course. The best remedy for New Year blues and dull skin is a bit of TLC, some extra sleep, water and time. These treatments are also very cheap – if not free – and so you’ll get on the good side of finance experts Creditfix!

Using resources you already have saves money and effort

Just stop and think for a few minutes before you hit the shops. What have you already got in your box of tricks? The chances are that you still have some of the cold weather moisturiser that you bought last year. If you really feel you could do with a bit of colour on your face, mix a blob of foundation with your usual moisturiser. If you’re a petroleum-free lip salve fiend, search the bottom of your bag, last season’s bag, your drawers and your bathroom cabinet. There will be a half-used pot or tube somewhere. Make a commitment to use up all your leftover winter products before you think about buying more.

Drink more water

This is age-old advice, but it works. The trick is to sip water throughout the day, as downing a pint of H2O in one go might be counter-productive. Invest in a fancy fruit infuser bottle if you find plain water boring and try to make a habit of drinking small amounts of water – 50ml at a time – throughout the day. Your skin should be clearer and you should feel less sleepy and irritable.

Turn in early

The post-Christmas feeling is a lethal combo of too much alcohol and junk food as well as too little sleep, all combined with the horrors of returning to work. Even if you can only manage a couple of early nights in the first half of January, fit them in. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your skin’s health. Alcohol actually interrupts sleep so although you might drop off pretty quickly after a few drinks, it’s not good quality sleep you’re getting. If you can manage two or three booze-free early nights in a row, you’ll wake up looking and feeling your best.

Allow yourself a little treat

Have a look at your loyalty card balances to see if you can treat yourself to a new scrub or a fancy new shimmery moisturiser. Make a pledge, however, to not pay for it unless it’s seriously discounted. If you can bag it with loyalty points, then you’re getting the year off to a great start.



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