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River At 2 Months Old

18th January 2019

We’re entering what I just *KNEW* would be my favourite part of having a baby; or we’re getting close, anyway. River is now two months old today, meaning he’s not as tiny and delicate as he once was (he got weighed this week, and he’s now a whopping 12 pound 4 ounces!) and is starting to really get his own personality now; which I love! He’s no longer just a crying, feeding, sleeping thing; he’s growing into the cutest little baby who I learn more about each day.

He isn’t the clingiest baby in the world thankfully. As in, he won’t cry if we put him down or walk away. He can happily soothe himself and seems pretty content most of the time. But you can also see he prefers us being close; right down to the little sleepy smiles he does in his cot as he’s drifting off, when he can see us out of the corner of his eye. Those smiles are the best part of my day, for sure! And he’s so generous with them now, giving them to Gary and I all the time. He doesn’t give them out to strangers so far, and he only seems to save them once he really knows you (for example he smiles lots for my Mum now too!).

The best thing to develop in just the last week, is a giggle! I didn’t want to assume it was a giggle at first, because he’s learning to use his voice and is babbling away too. So it could have just been that he was doing that while he happened to be smiling. But there’s no denying it now; he’s a giggler! He does the happiest little squeal when we pull faces and talk to him, and oh my gawdddd my heart could explode.

He’s super steady with his head now, and holds it up well himself. He no longer seems to need it supported at all when we pick him up (though I tend to have my hand ready still, in case!), and he lifts it and looks around so much when doing tummy time.

He’s recently seemed to discover his hands and feet, as hes held them up and been staring at them much more. His movements feel more purposeful, and he has started to reach out for things, even if it takes a few tries and is wobbly. It’s crazzyyy to watch! I swear he was in my belly just a moment ago!…

He has loved being in his pram since the moment we brought him home; but now I’ve noticed he doesn’t instantly fall asleep. Even with heavy lids, he tries his best to stay awake and enjoy all the new sights and sounds while we’re out. He’s quiet as a mouse in there, soaking it all up, and truly seems to love going out on walks.

As for me…

I’ve found that I’m really getting into the groove of this motherhood thing now. I feel pretty confident in everything I’m doing for him, and happy to ask for help when I need it. I don’t have all the answers but I know I’m not expected to either! I’m going with the flow, and it seems to work so far.

Gary is the greatest Dad River could ask for, and the best partner in crime for me. He’s super loving, playful, treasures every little moment with his son, and takes such a genuine interest in his development. He reads up on feeding and sleep routines, does things to encourage learning, and always makes sure that I’m looked after too. He’s the best, even at 4am when he’s exhausted and River won’t quite go off to sleep…


Life feels pretty lovely right now. I feel like I’m out of that super scary first part, where everything is new and intimidating and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I mean, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing; but it’s okay! Our house is full of joy and I can’t wait to see what the next two months bring…




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