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February Goals

2nd February 2019

I was supposed to get this post up yesterday, but that didn’t quite go to plan! Having a young baby means even the simplest things are now a mammoth task it seems! Ahh well, I’m pretty chuffed at getting any blog posts up to be honest.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my goals for the month – you all know I LOVE ME some goals – and I’ve narrowed it down to the following five. They aren’t life changing, but just small little challenges are what I need right now. So here we have it, my February goals.


1. Enjoy baby free time

River is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, OBV,  and just the sight of his squishy little face makes my heart melt. But time away from him is important and precious too! So this month I’m going to enjoy and prioritise the little baby-free times I’ll have. Gary’s mum will be taking him once a week, even just for a few hours, and Gary also makes sure to handle baby duties on one of his days off, so that I can go out, or work, or whatever I want. Then in mid February, we visit Liverpool to see family and friends. While we’re there, I plan on leaving River with my mum for a few days so that Gary and I can go out together which will be nice.

2. Finish a design collection

So as you may know if you follow my Instagram, I’m working away on design collections for when my Etsy shop reopens in August. My plan is to create at least 3 new collections in completely unique styles, in a range of products. So this month I want to finish one of the collection designs, and I think I’ll be able to pull it off. Of course I won’t be able to get the actual products ordered and made yet, as I have to save up for that; but it’s nice to make a good start.

3. Read often

January was great for reading! I finally got back into a good routine of settling in with a book each night before bed, and I haven’t looked back. Now that River is in such a wonderful night routine and sleeps right through, it means I’m not collapsing in bed each night as soon as possible. I have time and energy to read! Even if it’s just 20 minuytes before bed, I make it a priority now, and I want to keep that up. I read 2 books in January, and I hope to do the same in February.

4. Pamper myself

The life of a new mum (am I still new to this now that we’re 11 weeks in?? It feels new still) isn’t a glam one usually; and doing my hair and makeup is a treat to be honest! But I’m making more of an effort now that I’ve gotten my bearings with this motherhood thing. I’ll be getting my hair cut in a week or two (finally!), and I’m experimenting with my makeup again. Last week I had my nails done by my friend Corinna and it felt SO GOOD. She’s so talented anyway and does them absolutely perfect, I felt like a princess immediately. I’m now making it a standing appointment every month to get them done; so that when all else fails, I’ll still feel like a pampered princess! Now I just need to find somewhere local to do my eyelashes…

5. Do something nice for someone

In February I want to make a point to give back. I don’t have a penny spare usually, but I’m going to get creative with my ideas and make sure I do at least one nice thing for someone I love. I could paint something for someone or get crafty, offer to help them out in some way, or send a cute little care package to someone who needs a smile. Either way, it’s on my to-do list!


What are your goals for February? 🙂





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