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February Round Up

26th February 2019

February has gone by so quickly, and it’s been pretty great to be honest. We’ve just got back from a trip to Liverpool, and as always it was lovely to reconnect with friends and family. Especially now that we have River; we love him getting to spend time with everyone. We got to have some nice time alone too, just Gary and I; and we made the most of having babysitters on hand!

As for River, he’s coming along so amazingly! Officially 3 months old now, and changing all the time. He’s much more in control of his hands and learning to grab things slowly (or just shoving his fists in his mouth!). He gurgles and babbles so much more, you can tell he’s really trying to communicate which is so lovely. He’s so close to rolling over too, and I feel like this will happen very soon.

Just today we opened a bank account for River, and now we can start saving for him. Even if it’s just a couple of pounds every month, I’m going to make sure we put something away all the time. We’ve also been comparing life insurance, and that’s the next thing on our list to organise. Being grown up sucks! But it makes me feel so much better knowing there will be safety nets in place, now that we have River.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen I designed my own Tshirts! They come in loads of colours, and I designed them with a motto that I’ve found really fitting lately… ‘Not sure what I’m doing… But I’ll keep going’. Pretty perfect for anyone winging their way through life! They’re only available for a short time, so be quick if you want one – and please know how grateful I am for every single bit of support!

Gary goes back to work this Thursday night, so I’m trying to make the most of the next few days before then. I’ll be painting, giving the house a good Spring clean (it really feels like Spring now doesn’t it?!) and just enjoying having a helping hand around.

It’s Gary’s birthday next week, and hopefully we can do something nice for it. Gary doesn’t like birthday or any fuss really, so I’m very limited in my options for spoiling him! But if we get River’s gran to take care of him for a few hours, we will at least go for a nice meal and some cocktails. I couldn’t be more different when it comes to birthdays! Mine’s in April, and I want balloons, and birthday cake, and plenty of fuss! Ha.

Anyway, River is napping, and every minute counts! So I’m off to get some lunch.


How’s February been for you guys? 🙂




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