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Keeping On Top Of Chores With A Baby* [AD]

13th February 2019

After you have a baby, you come to appreciate so many little things you took for granted before. As I recently mentioned in a blog post; I now cherish getting time to clean and tidy our home in-between feeds and nappy changes! I know, I sound so bloody OLD but seriously a good hoover and dusting done, and I’m a happy gal.

Hinch fever has taken over the past few months, and I can honestly say I’m loving this cleaning trend going on all over Instagram at the moment. It sounds crazy, but getting motivated to organise our home has really improved my mental health. What’s that old saying? Tidy space, tidy mind? Something like that. Anyway, it’s right on the money; it really does make me feel so much better knowing I’ve made our home sparkly clean.

I didn’t want that to go once I had the baby though, and I worried the house would never get done while I was looking after a newborn. But I was wrong! I just had to make the most of the little moments I had, and find great products that would make my life easier.

So when Dr Beckmann asked to work with me for their upcoming campaign promoting the Dr Beckmann’s Service It Washine Machine Cleaner, it was a no brainer! I’ve used this product for a long time anyway (you can pick it up at Sainsburys, Tesco, and loads of other places!), and it’s THE BEST. It’s so bloody satisfying popping it into the empty drum and putting it on a cycle to do it’s work. It attracts dirt and foul odours (think of all those smelly socks you’ve cleaned in there!) and removes 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.

In fact, Dr Beckmann wanted to properly show people the importance of keeping a clean washing machine; and so for their Valentines promotion, they created a very special perfume…

CLEARLY your washing machine is prone to bad odours, as shown in the video! So don’t let this be the scent your washing is left with too. It’s only right that you properly clean the machine that cleans all your clothes and bedding, and Dr Beckmann’s is honestly my go to.

Using it is so easy and quick, and takes the hard work out of cleaning out my washing machine. It’s one less job I have to worry about, but one more thing I can tick off my list – YAY!

Other household hacks include lighting scented wax melts throughout the day to make it appear you have it all together (even if you don’t..) and doing a soeedy 5 minute tidy before bed each night – it’ll make you feel so glad you did each morning!


Do you guys have any tips for keeping your home clean, tidy and organised? 🙂




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