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The A-Z Of Me

28th February 2019


I was recently browsing one of my favourite blogs EVER; Little White Socks, and the lovely Aycan had an awesome A-Z post that I thought was a brilliant idea. She shares fun facts about herself using the letters of the alphabet as prompts, and I decided to give this a go myself.

My readership has probably changed quite a bit over the past year, so I thought this would be the perfect way to introduce myself to any newbies, or even just share some things dedicated readers may not know!

So here we are, the A-Z of Jemma.


A is for ASMR

Yep, I’m one of those weirdos who loves ASMR videos. I’m very particular about what ones mind you, I only watch maybe 3 different people, and usually they’re just to have on in the background to relax me. It totally works though, and always helps ease anxiety!

B is for brothers

Did you know I have 3 older brothers? Thar’s right, I’m the baby. I always felt like the odd one out growing up because of it, and I think it made me a bit of a tomboy in some ways. However I do think it taught me to stand up for myself a bit; because damn did they love to wind me up. Yes, we would have full on fights and I did pretty good for myself tbh.

C is for creativity

I’m an Artist, so it would be a bit weird if I didn’t describe myself as a creative person; wouldn’t it?! But creativity is SO important to me. It’s the first thing I ran to when I had some time to myself after having a baby. When most people get a babysitter for the first time, they may catch up with friends, go shopping, pamper themselves a bit… I jumped at the chance to paint! I love to draw, write, paint, sew, collage and so much more. It sets my soul on fire.

D is for Dad

My Dad died 8 years ago, and it’s shaped who I am tremendously. It feels ridiculously cruel that River will never meet him, and Dad never got the chance to meet Gary either; but I’m grateful for the time I had with him. He was strong, good hearted, stubborn, brave and always had your back. I think about him everyday and although I’m an Atheist and don’t believe in life after death; I do believe in living a life that would make him proud, so that’s what I try to do.

E is for Eminem

Most people already know this, but Eminem is my favourite music Artist of all time. He has been since I was about 12 actually. So this musical love affair has gone on many years now. I’ve seen him live twice, and cried with joy. Also, my son was named after one of his songs.

F is for food

I’m a fussy eater, like.. realllyyy fussy. I’m the type of person who HATES eating at other people’s houses because I know I’ll be fussy and probably not like something they make me – BUT – at the same time I’ll want to be polite. So I’ll eat absolutely anything you put in front of me, even if I want to gag, purely to be polite. It’s hellish. It’s just easier if I don’t eat.

G is for Gary

A lot of you know Gary. He’s that Gary on my Insta stories, the one who takes my outfit photos, the fella I had a child with. Yeah, him. Without spending seventeen million years banging on about how much I love him (it’s a lot), let me leave you with some facts that I think make him wonderful. He’s put up with me for almost 8 years. He cooks for me. He puts up with my temper tantrums. He tells me how much he loves me (and my bum) everyday, which is bloody nice isn’t it? Also, he makes me laugh more than anyone and always cheers me on. Pretty great fella.

H is for hair

I tend to change my hair colour every 6 months ish now. It used to be a lot more frequent, with me flitting between blue and purple and red every few weeks. But these days I’ve noticed I stick with a colour for half a year, before inevitably feeling the need to change it up. I first dyed my hair aged 15, and I’ve been constantly changing it since. I’ve been every colour apart from full on blonde. Green always feels most like me, but right now I’m loving pink/lilac!

I is for ink

I have about 12 tattoos, bur truth be told I can’t be arsed counting. Plus, some of them have been extended again and again, so like.. at what point do I stop counting that as ‘1’??! All you need to know is, I love tattoos. My favourite is on my thigh, and it has Joy Division lyrics on the design.

J is for Jemma

I’ve always liked that my name is spelled with a J rather than a G, but I do wish I had a rarer name! There were always loads of Gemma’s in school with me, so it felt boring. However it’s still better than what my mum was going to name me (Raileene!), before my dad stepped in and begged her to change it to something else.

K is for kiss

I had my first ‘proper’ kiss aged 12. It was with a boy I’d fancied for AGES and we had a proper little Summer romance. He was in the year above at school and liked by loads of girls. You might think think would make me feel all smug and cool; but I actually felt a bit pressured and like I weren’t cool enough for him (even though he liked me and made it clear) – so I dumped him! (nicely). I think this says A LOT about me to be honest. If something seems like a hassle, even if it’s something I want, I’m like NAHHH. Also I doubt myself a lot too.

L is for labour

My labour was 49 hours in total, and you can read about it here. But basically, the induction was worse than the actual pushing the baby out bit. Also my pain relief was 2 paracetamol and guys lemme tell ya, it did NOT cut it.

M is for music

My favourite music artists are Eminem (as previously mentioned), Placebo, The Cure, The Distillers, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana, Hole, and Linkin Park. So mostly, I decided what music I loved between 2000 and 2011 and stuck with that. I’m reaaaaaaally bad for not listening to new music, almost ever. 

N is for night owl

I’m definitely a night owl by nature! I’ve had to change my ways since having a baby, and I make sure I get as much sleep as I can. But I’m still always most inspired at night. I can feel myself relaxing, my brain whizzing with ideas, and I’m more motivated than any other time of day.

O is for organisation

It’s true, I’m an organisational wizard. Which is really just a nice way of saying I need to plan everything down to the last detail or I go crazy. I never used to be like this, which is the weird thing. Ten years ago I really could have benefited from being this organised! But nope, I just winged my way through life. It was lovely but… also chaotic. I couldn’t be more different these days. A to-do list thrills me.

P is for painting

Probably the Art I come back to more than anything. The form I love most, the one that really feels like me. I’m an abstract expressionist painter, and I’ve sold more than 30 paintings to people from all over! (UK, Germany, USA…). I share my work on Instagram more than anywhere else, but I’m going to put together a portfolio of my work soon. Feel free to message me or email ( if you want a custom painting!

Q is for quiet

Ten years ago, my version of heaven would be blasting my music as loudly as possible, or being out with friends getting smashed in a club where you can barely hear yourself think. I know this sounds OLD AF, but I really value the quiet now. I never play my music too loud (if you can’t have a conversation with someone in the same room still, it annoys me), and although I love the chance to go out and drink with friends; I much prefer somewhere we can sit and chat and eat and HEAR each other. Yeah I know, OLD.

R is for rain

I love the rain! I’m not saying I’d want it to rain every single day forever. But I’m definitely not one of those people who looks out the window and goes ‘OH NO’ when it rains. I’m much more likely to go, ‘OOH! Lovely! It’s raining.’ The only small, teeny, tiny thing I don’t like about the rain is if puddles seep through my shoes and I get wet socks. I cannot stand wet socks. But it’s rare that would happen so yeah.

S is for singing

As in, don’t. I don’t know what it is, but I feel SO uncomfortable when people sing around me, and I NEVER sing in front of other people (yes, even Gary). I don’t know why but I always feel like it’s super cheesy and it embarrasses me (yes even if you have a wonderful voice!) and ughh I dunno. This is also why I hate musicals. Yep, all musicals. Even the super musical episodes of Bob’s Burgers (one of my fave shows) annoys me a bit. The only exception to this rule is Gary. I like hearing him sing around me, because it means he’s happy. 

T is for teeth

I’m terrified of the dentist, I haven’t been in years. EEK. I know that’s so bad, and I’ll be sure not to pass this trait onto River, but maaannnn I hate the dentist. 

U is for underwater

I have this weird thing about being underwater, I just don’t like it. To be clear, I love swimming, and I’m a very good swimmer truth be told. But I’ve always hated being underwater a bit. I’m not scared, but it’s definitely not my preference. The thought of going scuba diving is HORRID for me.

V is for vampires

Okay… this is a safe place. So I’m here to admit I’m a huge Twilight fan. Yep, even all these years later when a lot of people deny they ever liked it (liars!). But I have all the books and movies, and I’m definitely team Edward. I know, I’m embarrassing. I don’t care!

W is for weight

I’ve struggled since I was probably around 15 years old to accept my fluctuating weight, and hated myself since. It’s only now, aged 30; that I actually like myself, regardless of my weight. I’m happy in my skin, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, and I admire my body for what it can do. I no longer give a toss about a dress size.

X is for EXES

Cheated a bit there didn’t I? But yeah, exes. On the whole, I’d say I’m on good terms with all but one (and that one can go jump off a bridge). If I saw them now, I’d happily say hey and stop for a chat, and genuinely wish them well. I ended things well with almost all of them, which is nice. 

Y is for yellow

I think yellow is my favourite colour these days. Pink is a close second, but that sunshiney colour seems to have stolen my heart. I’m buying yellow clothes more than anything, and I’m even planning on dying my hair bright yellow at some point.

Z is for zombies

I’m absolutely SICK of zombies. Zombie movies, TV shows, the lot. It bores me now. I was really into The Walking Dead for like 2 seasons, and then I lost interest. Gimme some aliens!


Thanks for reading, if you made it this far! I’d love you guys to share ONE FACT bout yourself in the comments below! 🙂



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