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5 Small Goals For March

1st March 2019


We’re in March, the third month! THREE whole months into 2019. Crazy.

I know it’s such a bloody cliche to gasp over another month flying by, and everyone and their Mum starts blog posts like that these days – but it’s true!! It truly is a bit shocking how fast the year is going.

I love a good to-do list, and setting goals for myself gives me a bit of a thrill (easily pleased aren’t I?). So I thought I’d share some of the little goals I’ve got for the month ahead. Who knows if I’ll actually achieve them?!


5 Small Goals For March


1. Order supplies for my Etsy shop

I’ve got some designs ready for notebooks, prints, bookmarks, stickers, etc. Now I just have to get them made! This is the tricky part, as it costs a lot, so I have to do it bit by bit. So I’m hoping to get a load of notebooks created in March, as a starting point. Wish me luck!! (And while I have you here, what sort of products would you love to see when my shop reopens??)

2. Sell a painting

This one is very ambitious, because it requires that I find time to paint, and then hope that someone likes it enough to buy it! Haha. But painting brings me more joy than anything, so let’s hope it happens eh? I have the motivation and inspiration, now just to find the time!

3. Organise another trip to Liverpool

It’s SUPER important to me that River spends time with my family and friends in Liverpool, so even though we *just* got back from there, I want to plan another trip. My aim is to never go more than 6 weeks without a visit. It’s really hard, because of Gary’s work schedule, and money, but it means a lot to me. I’d like to go the very end of March if possible.

4. Start getting my finances together

We have such a small income, and everything we have goes on bills, food, and River. But if there’s even the possibility of having a few pennies over, I want to be smart about where they go. We’ve recently set up a bank account for River, to save for him over the next few years. I also want to organise life insurance, and clear as much debt as possible. Boring grown up stuff, but yeah.

5. Ingulge in beauty

This month I *NEED* to get my hair cut, it’s been too long and the ends look grim. I also want to have fun with creative makeup looks again, it’s been too long. When you have a baby makeup is a privilege, and you forget it can be indulgent fun, as well as a quick necessity before rushing out the front door!


What are your goals for the month? 🙂




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