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Diary Entry 8

15th March 2019


Hello folks!

I wanted to check in and write a post about how life is lately, behind the scenes. I haven’t done an update like this in SO LONG, where I just ramble a bit about everything. I tend to post on Instagram daily, but it’s good to get everything down here. 

So while River is enjoying a nap, allow me to sit here with my morning coffee and share everything.


Baby wise, he’s doing great! He’s 4 months now, and coming along so well. Yesterday he rolled over fully for the first time ever, and I was so proud! I may have squealed and shouted Gary, who came running. River promptly did it again, as if he knew he had an audience watching, the little show off. It’s nice to see him so happy and himself again, because at the start of the week he had to have his third set of immunisations. It was rough, he was so fussy and grumpy for 24 hours afterwards, but thankfully he doesn’t have any more until hes 1 now.

As for this week at home, ugh! The boiler broke; which meant no heating or hot water for us for 3 days. So hard to deal with this with a small baby, but we got through it. It’s fixed now and you better believe I’ve got the heating on even though it’s not cold, just to enjoy the cosiness again now that we can! I had a few other stresses this week too, dealing with formal stuff with HMRC over my maternity pay and changing bank details. All a bit of a headache, but sorted now thankfully.

Moving onto happy things – I’ve been so creative! At the start of the week I completed a painting I’ve been meaning to for ages, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

This is just a little snippet of it!

It’s bright, colourful, floral and happy. And the loveliest part? It already has a buyer lined up! It’s bloody wonderful when people like my art so much they want to give it a home. It makes me so happy!

I’ve also been working away on my shop products – only four and half months until it opens! – and I’m happy to say I’ve designed, finished and ordered my first batches of notebooks. They arrive any day now, so keep an eye out on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek! I’ve also been drawing just for fun, and I’m so pleased with how my skills are coming along. It’s nice to have this time to draw for fun too, while on maternity leave.


Nothing else exciting going on here really… Mum’s planning a trip to visit us in about 2 weeks. I’m really loving my pastel-y hair at the mo even though I didn’t plan it. I have SO many shows to catch up on at the moment so I’ve been glued to Netflix etc (my favourite watch recently was After Life, go watch it!). Oh, and we are prepping for River weaning next month! Follow our journey on this Insta account with Rosie and Sarah. I can’t wait to see him try something new!


Right, I’ve just about emptied my brain while he’s still napping, but I’m betting I don’t have much longer. So I’m off to refill my coffee cup and grab a bite to eat!

Au revoir!





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