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Diary Entry 9; Magazine Features, Teething & Birthday Plans

24th March 2019


I’ve planned so many fun blog posts lately, and none have gone to plan! Life has gotten in the way, so I decided to write another rambly diary post; sharing what’s actually been going on behind the scenes.

I have to start with the highlight of my month – being in Mother and Baby magazine! I was told a few days before I was allowed to reveal it, and I was SO, SO excited! Mother and Baby mag did a feature on the Top 20 Mum Influencers you should be following; and I came in at number 10! OH MY GOD. There’s a photo of River and I in a magazine! (See here). I can’t believe I was even included, never mind so high. It felt bloody wonderful to know that people like my content, especially as it’s changed a little now that I’m a Mum. Another highlight was one of my ALL TIME favourite Youtubers, and ‘mumfluencers’ following me back, and sending me a lovely message. EEEEK. Some of you may know who I mean, but I’ll try play it cool…. (#Icouldneverbecool).

As for home life, things have been SO hard the past week. River is crying a lot, grumpy, and in pain thanks to the dreaded TEETHING. Ughh. We have Calpol, teething toys, anbesol liquid, bonjela, and teething bracelets on the way. We’re doing anything and everything we can to keep him happy and amused, but it’s so hard. My heart breaks for him daily, as he’s usually so happy, and he’s clearly not himself right now.

The lovely mummy moments are still happening though, and I’m so pleased to report we went swimming with River for the first time – and it was wonderful! He loved being in such a big, new, exciting place and he’s very happy to be in water. It was so sweet to all go swimming together and have a proper family day, and we’re definitely making it a weekly thing now. 

(Isn’t this jacket so cute?! It says ‘River’ in raindrops – how perfect?! – and was customised by a lovely friend of mine, thank you Laura!!)

As for me, I’m pretty exhausted and feeling my ‘mum strength’ being tested at the moment – but hanging in there. However my hair is even more pastel pink/lilac and I feel like a candyfloss queen. I’m getting my nails done this week by the lovely Corinna too, so that always makes me feel good. AND we have a fun blog event to go to, so I’m looking forward to that. It’s nice to feel a bit more like myself in small ways.

It’ll be my first Mothers Day as a Mum one week today, and sadly it’s be a boring day; as Gary’s in work! So I’ll be on Mum duty alone, and probably exhausted. But a few days after, my own Mum visits us here in Plymouth, and she’s staying for a week and a half, yay! It’s so nice to get a chance to see her, and it’s a massive help when looking after River. I’m gonna get as much work done as possible while she’s here.

Speaking of which, I have big plans. I’m working on cute mug designs for my shop, I have a painting commission to work on this week (and loads of inspiration to get others done), and I’ve even started writing a book. YES, REALLY. After so long of saying I want to, and so many ideas; I finally sat down and started writing something that felt good. It’s fiction, and deals with loss, growing up, and being an Artist – all very personal things to write about for me and something I think I’d be pretty good at. So I’m finally making a go of it! Let’s hope one day I can report that I’ve finished, and look into publishing!

March has been pretty hard truth be told. Stressful, tiring and long. I’m looking forward to April because I’ll have help here from Mum, then we visit Liverpool, it’s my birthday, AND I’m having a birthday night out with all my pals that I haven’t seen in ages. So I’m really looking forward to next month!

Right now though I’m going to take a long hot shower, and then snuggle on the sofa with my boys before having an early night. I know, I’m boring. But that’s bliss to me at the moment!

Have a great week! 🙂




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