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River At 4 And A Half Months

31st March 2019


I can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since River was born, it really does feel like yesterday. I find myself saying this each month though, so I doubt that’s going to change. I know some people may find these sort of updates interesting, but I also know a hell of a lot of people won’t care – that’s fine! I enjoy writing these more for my own records, and keeping memories of how far he’s come. So please allow me to ramble!

At over 4 months, he’s rolling over ALL THE TIME, very confidently. I turn my back for a split second and WOOP, he’s off. As well as rolling all over the place, you can see he’s trying to push/drag himself along the floor too which is crazy. He hasn’t gotten there yet and I doubt he will for a while, but he’s trying his hardest! He seems frustrated that he can’t go wherever he wants yet!

His hand coordination has gotten absolutely brilliant over the past month. He now reaches out for things easily, trying to put everything in his mouth of course, and his movements are much less random and sporadic. I wouldn’t say he’s quite 100% there yet with precise movements, like specifically grasping things a certain way; he’s more just getting hold of what he can, and if it drops it drops. He’s coming along so well though.

He’s more vocal than EVER at the moment. In fact, it seems to have happened so quickly; that Gary and I realised that my mum hasn’t seen River in a few short weeks, but even in this short amount of time he’s come a long way. When she last saw him, he made some ‘waahh’ noises and a bit of cooing, but now he’s full on babbling! Or screaming! He tends to scream when he giggles a lot now and gets over excited! It’s so funny to see.

He’s now fascinated with the TV, and has favourite things to watch. I really try limit how much it’s on in front of him, but it’s been such a help in this awkward stage where he can’t sit up yet (and so we’re limited in how we can amuse/play with him). He loves Hey Dougie, and Cbeebies in general. Handy when I need to actually dress myself or eat!

He’s been holding his head up confidently for a while now, but I’ve noticed recently it’s stronger than ever, he doesn’t wobble at all. In general he feels like a much sturdier baby, less delicate and intimidating! Last time he was weighed (about 2 weeks ago) he was 15lbs 13oz, so he’s gaining weight well and following his percentile line exactly as he should be, which is great.

We now go swimming every week, and because the weather has been getting better and better we’re making sure at least once a week he’s getting out for the day with us in the sunshine. Even if it’s just a walk through the woods, or a picnic! It’s nice to be able to do new things with him, and he’s fascinated at the sights and sounds of everything. I can’t wait until he’s a little bit older and can enjoy going to the park! There’s one just a five minute walk away from us and it’ll be so much fun.

Anyway, I’ll leave things here while I get him dressed and ready to go out for a walk.

Until next time!




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