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Spectrum Noir TriBlend pens* [GIFTED]

13th March 2019

As well as being an Artist, and so needing a lot of Art supplies; I have an extensive stationery collection. My markers are probably my favourite part of this collection! I can never seem to have enough, constantly trying new ones and exploring how each brand alters my drawing style. I love buying markers to use throughout my art journals, practise illustrations, and to decorate my notebooks.

So when I was offered the chance to try out the Spectrum Noir TriBlend pens, I of course said yes! 

The amazing thing about these markers is the 3-in-1 aspect, which means every shade of colour has a light, medium and dark version; all built into one pen! This means that anybody can now truly master beautiful shading made easy, regardless of skill. The perfect graduation of each colour means it’s easy to build up a beautiful collection that is essential for any stationery addicts.

I’m so impressed with the nibs of each pen, as someone who is incredibly fussy when it comes to this! But they’re so smooth and satisfying to use, making it a pleasure when trying out the collection. It’s easy to control the pen, and there is no deep bleeding of the ink; meaning a seamless drawing every time.

I was kindly sent 24 markers, each with 3 different shades to a pen. That means I have a total of 72 shades to work with, which is amazing! I love the convenience of having them all built within each other too. If I’m working with a particular colour palette, it means I can just pack a small few pens in my bag and I have everything I need, and can take them out and about with me. I’m planning on taking advantage of this throughout Summer; taking my Art journal out and about and sketching on the go. Wonderful!


Now, if I could just decide which is my favourite shade??

(It’s pink. Always pink.)



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