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What I Need From Our Home As An Artist/Freelancer*

13th March 2019

I can remember being a little girl, imagining having my own home when I grew up. I always planned on having a rainbow house of course, filled with ball pits, Art rooms, the biggest walk in wardrobe ever, and loads of animals. Sounds lovely, but not exactly realistic is it?! Jump forward to being a teenager, and I still had dreams of having my own place; but I’d drastically changed in what I expected from it. I was happy with minimalist decor (it was a phase that didn’t last), and I envisioned living with my best friends and all I cared about was having a comfortable bed to face-plant at the end of a busy weekend drinking. 

I’m now 30 years old (31 next month, oh god), I’m just grateful that I HAVE a home in the first place, my boiler broke this week, and every single room is filled with baby toys, nappies and other junk. Brilliant. Living the dream. When it’s like an obstacle course to get into bed, I laugh at younger me who was convinced I’d have that ultra modern minimalist house. HAHA. You idiot Jemma.

Anyway, my point is; what I want from my home will always change – and I need the decor to change with me. Our house needs to adapt to our life and what works best for us all. Life right now for me, means working from home on Art projects (mostly painting) and needing a good space with lots of light. I don’t have the money for an extension, or to make any drastic changes. We have a small house and small budget, so I have some limits already!

However, we do have a pretty beautiful sky light downstairs (on part of the house that is exposed to the sky.. it’s not a sky light looking into our bedroom, HA!); and it’s proven to be essential for my painting. Having great natural light, and being able to also block out harsh sunlight in Summer is SO important. I can be mixing colours and applying different shades to a canvas, and make great mistakes if the light isn’t too good. Investing in some beautiful blinds for this skylight has been essential, and Direct Blinds have won me over! They give you the option of filtering light, making the most of it, or blocking it out all together – brilliant!

And best of all? They have fun colour options too! I might not be able to have that rainbow house, but I do have a few colourful options to keep me smiling.

It’s the little things that make a huge difference when making a house a home, and choosing the right blinds for us has been wonderful. 

Now onto my next problem; I’m off to find shelving units to store all my Art materials in! 🙂


*In collaboration with Direct Blinds



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