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5 Year Goals

3rd April 2019

I love thinking about my hopes and dreams for the future; and setting goals motivates me to actually make them happen. I’m naturally a goal orientated person I think, and I find it therapeutic to list and share my goals too. They may change over time (and that’s fine!) but I think it’s important to take them seriously and get them down in writing, almost willing them to come true.

So. I’ve been thinking about my life five years from now, and what I would like it to look like. 

In five years time, River will be 5 years old, just starting school! Gary will be just finishing up his nursing degree, and heading into the field fully qualified (crazzzzy). And me? I’ll be 35, almost 36. What do I hope will change in-between now and then?


1. Book a trip to Disney World

I know this may seem a random one, but hear me out. I’ve wanted to go to Disney World since I was a little girl, and I’ve never got the chance. It’s like the ultimate holiday, since it’s in Florida too; and I’ve also always wanted to get to the USA anyway. Now that we have River, I feel like it’s become higher and higher on my list of wishes too. It seems like such a magical place for children, and I feel like it would be the holiday of a lifetime. I would like to go when River is around 5 or 6, so that he’s old enough to truly enjoy it. So this also gives me a long time to save!

2. Get my own stationery collection in a store

I feel like everyone and their Mum knows that I want my own collection in Paperchase; it’s the dream! I’ll keep trying for this, putting in the hard work and not giving up. However, I’d be absolutely thrilled to get my work in any store. It would just be lovely to see a big brand enjoy my work, and give me recognition. Plus how cool would it be to walk in a store and be like, YO I DESIGNED THAT!

3. Finish writing a book & get it published

I’ve stopped and started writing so many books, it’s ridiculous now. Self doubt always holds me back and I’m sick of it! Life is too damn short, so I just need to woman up and write the damn thing. My main problem these days is deciding which story to stick with – arghh! Oh, and even if I have to self publish the thing, that’s fine by me. It would be lovely to get a publisher behind me, but writing a book is a dream I’ve had all my life, so I’m happy as long as I just get it done.

4. Clear my debt and be financially stable

Probably the most boring of ally my goals eh? But true. I’m now on a strict plan to clear my debt, and I should be all clear in 5 years. I know that 5 years seems so long away, but I also know it’ll probably go by in the blink of an eye. So in the meantime I want to take action. I don’t want to be thinking about bills all the time; I want to be putting money into saving accounts, starting my own pension, and getting life insurance sorted. I know that really does sound lame, but having a child has totally shifted my perspective. I want to get myself into a good place so that money worries are a thing of the past (fingers crossed) and so that I can put serious money away to look after River. And also fund that Disney trip of course…



Wanna know something? I set out originally planning to have FIVE goals for five years, since that’s pretty catchy, and just seems better. But the truth is, I could only think of these four goals. Sure I’d love to win the lottery, meet Matthew Gray Gubler, get a bigger house, get my own art exhibit… there are a million things I could wish for. But realistically I wanted to name the things that will truly mean a lot to me, and matter most. I think I’m pretty lucky, because I really do live a happy life, and I’m so content with it. I have great things to work towards and I have hopes for the future, which I think are good for you. But if things are pretty much the same as now? Well, that’s not too bad! 🙂

Do you have any five year goals?




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