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May Goals

30th April 2019


I’ve found myself feeling rejuvenated by the brighter days, and the warmer weather here and there. I’ve always been an Autumn/Winter kinda girl, and probably always will be, but I’m definitely appreciating Spring right now more than I ever have.

Having a baby in the Winter meant I was really limited with what I could do each day, making maternity leave all that more boring. On top of that, him being so young meant there was nothing HE could do, or get out of going out. However, now that River is almost six months old; he’s got so many new abilities, and much more curiosity about the world around him. So now we can start to enjoy so much more day to day, rather than Netflix and nursery rhymes (which both get very old, very quick). 

With that in mind, my main goal for the month of May is just to ENJOY IT.

But if you want specifics? Here are my five little goals…


1. Have specific family days out AND baby free time each week.

I want the best of both world, and I recognise that both are equally important. So each week I want to make sure Gary, River and I are all doing something together; like going swimming, going for a picnic, visiting family, whatever! Likewise I want to ensure I’m also getting the me-time I need each week, and one to one time with Gary. I know how good it makes me feel when I have a few hours to catch up on work (I’m on maternity leave, but I need to be designing and prepping products for when my shop re-opens!), and getting a chance to be creative is so wonderful. On top of that, if Gary and I can go for a quiet meal together, or see a movie – it would be ideal. So I guess prioritising my time, and looking after myself is the big goal.

2. Sell a painting.

I hope a goal to sell one every month, and I hope to continue with the success I’ve had so far this year! It doesn’t matter how big or small the sale, just that I can pull it off. I’ve set this goal for two reasons. 1; to keep my creatively challenged. 2; Because if I didn’t have a ‘work’ goal at all, I’d go crazy on maternity leave.

3. Read, read, read.

I’m proud to say I have the reading bug again (I go through phases), and my to read list is huuuuge guys. I’ve just finished one I really enjoyed (‘The Book Of Tomorrow’ – Cecilia Ahern‘) and the sense of pride when finishing that last page was bloody brilliant, to be honest. I’ve moved onto my next one now (‘A Study In Charlotte’ – Brittany Cavallaro), so let’s hope I finish this AND start another before May is up. 

4. Draw, draw, draw!

The aim of this one is purely for fun, but if a gem or two comes out of it then so be it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know I like to share little illustrations and doodles on my feed often. I love making sure my grid is really colourful, and if I can get some illustration practise in, then even better. My goal is to find time to draw every single day, even if it’s just for ten minutes before bed. It doesn’t have to be much, but I find the sheer act of drawing from habit feels so good. 

5. Continue with home decor

I’m working my way room by room, small changes here and there, even if it takes me forever – to get our house absolutely perfect. We’ve already started in the bedroom, and I’ll be sure to share before and after photos when it’s all done. I’m doing things slowly and taking real care to cultivate a home I love. Whether it means buying the perfect rug one week, a print I like the next week, a pretty ornament for the shelf the week after… I’m in no rush, as long as I can get it done bit by bit!


Thanks for reading guys. What are your goals for May? 🙂




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