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MUA Makeup Haul* [Gifted]

26th April 2019

Recently I was kindly sent some beauty products from MUA, including their new ProBase Foundation and Concealer*; which has 24 versatile shades, and promises high coverage with a smooth finish. I decided to try out everything and feature a full review for you guys, as I can’t resist the chance to try new makeup!

Everything in this range is cruelty free too!

ProBase Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation – £5

The ProBase Foundation promises full coverage, long wear, a matte finish, while blending easily with shine control. So how did it stack up when I tried it? To be honest, I immediately realised that it applied best with a sponge rather than a brush, which slightly disappointed me. I much prefer using a brush application usually, but once I switched to a sponge, the foundation blended MUCH better. It was easily to build up the coverage and it left my skin looking flawless and with a great matte finish. I would say this is more medium coverage though rather than full coverage, so this is worth bearing in mind. It lasted pretty well for a good few hours, but I don’t think it would last a full, long day, or a night out! Still, it’s just £5 which means this is a FIFTH of the price I usually pay for foundation – amazing! For that price I am really impressed with the quality, and I think this will be ideal during Summer time when I want something slightly lighter on my skin rather than a heavy, full coverage product.

Overall: 7/10


ProBase Full Coverage Concealer – £2.50

The ProBase concealer is an amazing price, and I was SO impressed with the quality of this! It offers a beautiful lightweight finish, covering the dark circles under my eyes so easily. The creamy formula is soft and applies really smoothly. I loved using this on my eyelids too, as it’s crease proof formula helped my eyeshadow stay in place and the colours really POP. 

Overall: 9/10

MUA Fire Vixen Palette – £5

I was really excited to try out this gorgeous palette, as I love me some warm tones for my eyes. The palette features 15 pretty shades in matte and shimmer colours, which each have a soft and silky finish. They apply great, with a fantastic pigmentation, which is even more impressive for a the small price tag. I opted for the orange/peachy tones first, to match my hair (and loved them!) but I think the deep reds might be my favourite in this palette. I was very happy with this product, and would definitely recommend it!

Overall: 10/10


ProBase Banana Blur Primer – £4

This velvet feeling primer was instantly smooth, easy to apply, and set into my skin beautifully. It has a really lightweight texture, and feels like a daily moisturiser on the skin, until it settles to a smooth, matte finish. I found this quite nice, I was impressed with the price, and it helped me apply my makeup much better on top. I wouldn’t say it’s breaking the mould or anything, but I was pretty happy.

Overall: 7/10


ProBase Soothe & Cool Primer Stick – £5

This primer was definitely my favourite of the two! It promises instant hydration in a stick, and it doesn’t disappoint! I love the rollerball application, and the cooling sensation was absolutely perfect to run across my eyes in the morning to wake me up. It primed my skin wonderfully, and left me feeling refreshed. My skin was velvet smooth and left me with nourished skin before applying makeup. I think this would be wonderful to anyone who gets puffy eyes or dryer skin. I loved it!

Overall: 10/10

Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick – £3

You know when you find a product that you instantly LOVE, and it makes you want to stock up on it in every shade? YEP, that’s how I feel about these lipsticks. I have shades ‘First Class’ (the red one) and ‘Elite’ (the mauve-ish one) and I truly adore both of these already. As much as I like matte liquid lipsticks for the staying power, I hate how dry they leave my lips feeling. So to try a satin finish lipstick again feels wonderful, and my lips are so silky smooth and moisturised, as well as wearing beautiful shades! The formula is soft and creamy, and I love the price tag, obviously. Well worth investing in a bunch of these! I will say, the shade ‘Elite’ is the one I’m wearing below, and it applies like a dark mauve/nude, but on the Superdrug website, the preview of the shade looks SUPER pink, which it’s not. So just keep that in mind!

Overall: 10/10

ProBase Fixing Spray – £4

I was really happy to find a fixing spray that I like, for such a low price! Fixing spray is one of those products that can be entirely hit or miss, and often the best ones come with a whopping price tag. So to use this and really like it with a £4 price, makes me happy! Finishing off my makeup look with this spray mist fixed everything into place nicely, and I definitely felt like it kept everything looking perfect for longer.

Overall 8/10


Thank you so much to MUA for sending me these awesome products to try; I’m really pleased that I’ve now found some new favourites to love!

Have you tried any of these yet? 🙂





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