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Our Home Decor Plans *AD

9th May 2019

There was once a time where I’d blow all my wages on a shopping spree full of clothes, shoes and makeup; without a second thought. My pennies would be gone before I’d even got through payday if I’m honest, and that’s great when I was carefree living with Mum still, no responsibilities and no need to think ahead. These days I’m SO much better with my money though, and the greatest pleasure I get is by putting it back into our home. That’s why I’m working with Bathing Solutions to talk about perfecting your home for YOU!

Right now I’m obsessed with planning all the changes, tweaks, decor and DIY I have planned for each and every room in our house! I’m currently concentrating on the bedroom; some little additions need to be made to our decor, but mainly the big transformations have been done (and I love it!). Once River is sleeping in his own bedroom, we will have even more space and the whole room will look beautiful. I’ll be sure to show it in it’s entirety ASAP.

I also have SO MANY plans for the rest of the house though, so I thought I’d share them all here in list. Even if I can only make small changes each month; I’ll take things step by step and get there in the end. It’ll be so worth it to have the home of our dreams, and to know that we’ve put so much love into our house!


This is next on my list, and it’ll be a big job. Rather than just a little tweak with the decor; I want a full makeover for our bathroom. Ours is actually built as a wet room right now, which has it’s benefits; like being able to close away the shower doors, saving space in the room (which is small). However essential a shower is, I do miss having a bath too. So we’ve decided we would get a whole new bathroom built, including a bath/shower combo. I have lots of plans for sunshine yellow walls, plenty of shelves, cute plants, and great lighting. Bathing Solutions offer so many solutions (the clue is in the name!) to any problems or preferences you may have for your own bathroom; so they’re ideal!


Now, I know we completely got the room ready for River when I was pregnant, and I love it! But there are still some things to be done. For example our wardrobe that we use is actually in his room, so that needs putting into our bedroom (when his cot is in his room!), and there’s a built in cupboard in there that we use just for junk. I want this cleared out completely, so we can use it to store River’s bigger toys, etc.


The hallway should be a relatively easy job. I just want a new paint job don throughout, and a new carpet fitted. I’ll then hang up pretty framed prints and canvases through the whole hallway; and it’ll be done!


I desperately want a new carpet fitted for the living room! I hate our current one. It’s been here since we moved in, and it’s about time we invested in something nicer. Apart from that, a quick paint job and some Artwork on the wall is all it needs!


I’ll say right now that I’m 100% leaving the kitchen to Gary (sort of..). He’s the one who cooks and does dishes, so he’s told me it’s up to him how it gets redone – fair enough! I do know he’s thinking forest green walls and dark marble surfaces which sounds good. My only request is more shelving and storage solutions!


I’m excited about this one! We have a laundry room, and though we’re lucky to have this space; it’s also used as a dumping ground. So the washer and dryer is in there, as well as two freezers, our bikes, and a bunch of junk. It annoys me so much! I can’t wait to clear the whole room out, leaving just the washer/dryer and two freezers. Then I’ll get cupboards installed in there and plenty of shelving. Just imagining all my laundry products organised beautifully makes me so happy! (I’m so lame).


When you write everything down it seems like such an incredibly huge job, which can be daunting. But honestly I’m really happy we’ve made a start! Having a plan in place helps so much, and making small changes whenever we can is proving so effective. I can’t wait for it all to be done!

Have you got any big plans for your home?



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