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Mothership Baby Wrap *AD

13th June 2019

If you have been following my parenting journey so far, or even just follow me on Instagram; you’ll have noticed I don’t rave about many baby products unless I REALLY love them. There are a few reasons for that.

1. I don’t like to overload my feed with baby things. I already share River’s mug enough LOL.

2. Most of the ‘must-have’ products I see people banging on about don’t phase me, or I’ve found a cheaper alternative.

3. I believe every baby and parent has completely different needs, so I leave people to make their own mind up, unless I think something is extra special and needs raving about.

Enter, the baby wrap.

It’s the one product I have not stopped talking about, and I’ve found the very BEST version of it out there from Mothership*. 

For months now, I’ve posted on my Instagram again and again about how much using a baby wrap to ‘wear’ River has helped me. I’ve recommended baby wraps again and again, and I doubt I’ll ever shut up about them now. The funny thing is, before I had a baby I didn’t like the look of them! (HA!).

I thought it was simply a piece of cloth that wrapped around your baby and didn’t look safe or useful at all. I used to think, ‘Why not just pop them in a pram? Surely it’s easier?’. Ahh the joy of hindsight.

I can’t tell you how differently I feel now, and how much using a wrap has actually helped my mental health while adjusting to motherhood.

Firstly, baby wraps are SO much safer than they may seem if you’re not used to them. There’s a specific way to wrap your baby up, so they’re SUPER secure, and I feel totally confident carrying River around now. You get so used to doing it too, like tying your shoelaces. Once you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it. There are multiple ways you can alternate the wrap, depending on babys size too! So for example, now that he’s bigger I let his legs hang out the bottom, to give him more freedom and wiggle room, while still keeping him wrapped and safe.

Having the freedom to be hands free, while still keeping River close means the world to me! It’s meant I can get on with my daily life around the house, while keeping him snuggled on my chest. I can prepare lunch, clean up, go for a walk without having to faff with the pram, and all the while he gets to look about and see the world (which he loves! He’s so nosey!).

There’s no need to try manoeuvre a pram around shopping aisles, or take up space awkwardly in your favourite coffee shop. Baby is safe and close by, cuddling you while you give yourself more freedom. 

The baby wrap helps baby fit into your life, rather than interrupting it.

And why the Mothership baby wrap? After trying a few different ones for myself, Mothership’s wrap is definitely the winner. The quality of the material is second to none! It’s super soft and comfortable for both River and I, and really stretchy and strong, making me feel completely safe using it. They come in a range of beautiful colours and designs, and the care and attention to detail makes all the difference. 

The best part? The creator of the brand, Emily, is a mother herself and created the Mothership baby wraps as she had tried a few on the market and weren’t completely happy with them. So she made her own! She’s built a fantastic company putting Mums first, and knowing exactly what’s important to us. Safety comes first, but comfort and style is just a high a priority, and it truly shows in her work. The Mothership baby wrap I have is by far the best one I’ve tried, and I’m so proud to support a small business doing great work!


If you’d like to check them out and grab your own, do check out Mothership

– And let me know if you get one! I’d love to know someone else is as happy as we are, with theirs 🙂




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